[The next morning Siphokazi walks in with a tray of breakfast in her hands.]

Siphokazi: Wakey, wakey!

Lizzy: (wakes up and sit up in bed) Morning.

Siphokazi: How did you sleep? Look, I have made you a breakfast.

Lizzy: What’s this?

Siphokazi: Eggs and bacon.

Lizzy: Bacon?

Siphokazi: Oh, dear just eat (laughs). I see you’re used to soft porridge.

Lizzy: Thanks. Did you call my mother and tell her we had a safe trip?

Siphokazi: I did. You ready for work tomorrow?

Lizzy: (smiles) I’m over the moon. I can’t wait to upgrade my mother’s house.

Siphokazi: Even better, you can build them a house here.

Lizzy: (laughs) I was not expecting that from you. You built your mother a beautiful house back at the village. What makes you think my mother will want to stay here? She hates this place.

Siphokazi: You are right. When I told my mother I wanted to buy her a house here in Gauteng, she told me straight that she is not leaving her house to come stay here. She believes this place is evil.

Lizzy: (shakes her head) Parents! So, tomorrow, they will teach me all about the job, right?

Siphokazi: Yeah. I have a surprise for you. I and my friend will help upgrade your look.

Lizzy: Makeover? Nah, I am cool. I am not into makeup and weaves.

Siphokazi: I am not taking “no” for an answer. Ladies come here. The village girl is ready for a makeover

Lizzy: But…

[The girls come in and start on Lizzy. When they are done, Xoli is left to do her nails.]

Xoli: You look beautiful.

Lizzy: Was it really necessary for me to do this makeover? I love my natural look. Now, I am so fake. I am going to be a cashier, not a model.

Xoli: A cashier? Oh well.

Lizzy: Where I live, cashiers don’t apply too much make up and manicures are not even necessary. They rock their natural hair.

Xoli: In this industry, it is a must to be “fake”, as you call it. Without this (points to the hair and nails), no one will want you. (She pauses) I mean in the big super market, no one will take you seriously. You will see. Tomorrow everyone will be looking like this. Did you see your clothes?

Lizzy: The uniform? Aren’t I supposed to get it at work?

Xoli: (shakes her head) Check the wardrobe.

Lizzy: (opens the wardrobe and takes out the clothes) And then?

Xoli: These are your clothes, try them.

Lizzy: I have my own clothes, and Siphokazi knows very well I don’t wear shorts and miniskirts. What makes her think I need new clothes? Just because she got me a job does not mean she is my mother and that I am her charity case. Yes, I am not from a wealthy family, but I love to spoil myself with my hard-earned money. I don’t want to be spoon fed.

Xoli: Didn’t you get the memo? She is your boss, and I am your mentor. I hope you won’t give me a hard time.

Lizzy: What is going on here?

Xoli: (shouts) Siphokazi woza ngapha, come here.

Siphokazi: What? Is she bothering you?

Xoli: Boss, didn’t you tell her about the job she will be doing?

Siphokazi: (annoyed) Get out. I will deal with her. What’s your problem?

Lizzy: Who said I need your clothes? I will buy my own clothes when I get paid. I don’t need your clothes and, by the way, end of the month, I am moving out. I want to rent a room so that I don’t bother you.

Siphokazi: (laughs) Firstly, you are wrong if you thought I was going to give you those clothes for free. Secondly, you are not staying and eating for free in my house and lendaba yakho yokuthi you’re moving out at the end of the month. It is not going to happen, OK?

Lizzy: You will not stop me, and I don’t remember saying I want your clothes. What did Xoli meant when she said you are my boss?

Siphokazi: I am not going to waste my breath on you. I am going to say this, and I will say it once, so you better listen carefully. Yes, I am your boss. You are not going to be a stupid cashier that hardly makes R4 000 a month, but you will stay in this room, wear those clothes and expect clients. You are still a virgin, right?

Lizzy: (shocked) Is this some kind of a joke? Siphokazi, I came all the way from Mpumalanga to be a cashier, and me being a virgin, what does it have to do with being a cashier?

Siphokazi: I told you. I will not repeat myself. Tomorrow, if you dare cause a scene, your stupid mother will never see you again. Behave yourself tomorrow or else all hell will break loose.


Tell us what you think: If there is no cashier job, then what will Siphokazi make Lizzy do?