Lizzy: (excited) This is a life time opportunity for me. I can’t wait to finally leave this lifeless and hopeless village.

Sarah: (smiles) Oh, Siphokazi is such a wonderful woman with a gold heart. Go out and strive to change this life you were born into, but once you get there, don’t forget where you come from. Don’t forget home. Think about me and think about your siblings. I trust and believe that you will make us proud and will never turn your back on us. Don’t be like mam Mkhize’s daughter who was swallowed by the lights of Jozi.

Lizzy: Mama, you know me better than anyone. I promise I will come every month end and spoil you with food you have never tasted before. (looks at her wrist watch) It’s getting late I wonder where Siphokazi is.

[Knock on the door.]

Lizzy: (rushes to open) Speak of the devil. I was really starting to think you weren’t coming.

Siphokazi: (smiles) I would have informed you if there were any changes. You ready to go?

Lizzy: Yes.

Sarah: Please take care of my daughter. You are a good example of this village, and I want you to guide Lizzy. I don’t want her to be negatively influenced by the city of Jozi.

Siphokazi: Don’t worry, Mama. Lizzy is in good hands. Oh, she is starting on Monday.

Lizzy: Where should I put these bags?

Siphokazi: (throws the keys to Lizzy) In the boot, the car is outside the yard.

Sarah: (shocked) You mean this coming Monday? Oh, my baby, may the great Lord bless you. People like you are hard to find these days. What kind of job would she be doing?

Siphokazi: Didn’t she tell you? Um she, she will be a cashier at a very big supermarket.

Sarah: Thank you for looking out for my daughter. This poverty will soon come to an end.

Siphokazi: (smiles) We really have to run now. It’s getting late.

Lizzy: Bye, Mama, I will see you soon (they hug).

[Inside Siphokazi’s car. Siphokazi is playing music out loud and is speeding the car.]

Lizzy: Hey, slow down, you want to get us killed?

Siphokazi: (laughs) Relax, village girl, this is my baby. I know her. She won’t get us killed. You should really get used to me driving this fast. I am in a hurry and you know time waits for no man.

Lizzy: Who taught you to drive?

Siphokazi: (Laughs out loud) Mhhmhh, why are taking me back to the past? Let’s just say the time I arrived in Johannesburg, I was really a bad girl, had bad company.

Lizzy: But you’re not answering my question.

Siphokazi: OK, fine. I had a group of friends who were into hijacking, so they taught me to drive to help them.

Lizzy: (shocked) What? Are you hijacking cars, Siphokazi?

Siphokazi: Hey, relax, home girl, I never did, and I would never steal cars. Are you out of your mind? Do you think I would be this successful business woman if I was a hijacker? No. I would be rotting in jail by now. Those friends were a bad influence, but because I am clever, I used them to teach me to drive then I ended the friendship. I told them I was afraid of jail and yeah, they realised I was just a stupid village girl.

Lizzy: You made friends with men?

Siphokazi: Who said that? I had super-hot female friends who stole cars, sold drugs and all the nasty things you can think of.

Lizzy: (Shocked) I don’t think coming to Jozi was a good idea.

Siphokazi: Relax, girl, you have me. I got you a legit job. Didn’t I?

Lizzy: You did.

[Silence fills the car.]

Siphokazi: (Exclaims) Jozi Maboneng, Lizzy, wake up, we have arrived.

Lizzy: Wow, this place is amazing.

Siphokazi: It’s still early to compliment it. This is nothing. I will give you a tour of a lifetime from museums to theatres, from stadiums to botanical gardens and from malls to art galleries. You will love this place dear. This is my house. (Pulls up to the driveway.)

Lizzy: It is so huge. You’re really living a wonderful life. Thank you for helping me.

[Siphokazi parks the car in the garage, and they walk out of the car into the house.]

Lizzy: (whispers) Who are these people? I thought you were staying alone.

Siphokazi: (clears her throat) Ladies and gentlemen, can I get your attention? Um this is Lizzy. She will be joining the house.

[They all greet Lizzy]

Lizzy: Hey, what are they doing here, and what do you mean I will be joining the house?

Siphokazi: Relax. You like stressing over small things. Abangani bami laba (They are my friends) and they stay here with me. Come, let me show you your room.


Tell us what you think: Who do you think these people are? Will Lizzy be safe living with Siphokazi?