[In George’s office]

George: So Ntuthuko where are you with our investigation?

Ntuthuko: I’ve done almost everything you asked me to do.

George: Oh, really?

Ntuthuko: Yes, yesterday I hacked Mr Jacobs’ email account and I emailed a porn video to four of his clients.

George: Oh, thank you Ntuthuko my boy you such a life saver.

Ntuthuko: And I also hacked Jessica’s system and I found that she’s been recording all of Mr Jacobs’ phone calls conversations.

George: Wow, so what did she find on Sham’s phone calls?

Ntuthuko: Nothing much except, that Mr Jacobs was responsible of destroying Lucky’s mum’s new will.

George: What? So can you be able to destroy the recording in Jessica’s computer?

Ntuthuko: Yes, that can be arranged but that will make her suspect that someone is hacking her system.

George: So what do you suggest Ntuthuko?

Ntuthuko: I think we should not delete any of her findings until she gets what we want, and then we can delete her files.

George: OK, keep on digging, my boy.
Ntuthuko: Oh, one more thing; my source in Young Blood told me that the company has lost three executive officers and two clients already.

George: Wow, that’s good news but it seems as if the company will go bankrupt within no time.

Ntuthuko: Yeah, that’s true and that’s why I think Lucky should start making actions before he loses this company to the states.

George: Ok fine I will tell him when he comes back from America.

Ntuthuko: Lucky is not here in South Africa?

George: Yes, he left yesterday for America; to meet his mom’s grandmother.

Ntuthuko: Ow, that’s great.

George: Yeah, by the way Ntuthuko, I will keep in touch.

Ntuthuko: Thank you Mr George, it’s nice to do a business with you, Sir.

George: It’s nice to do business with you too, Ntuthuko.

Ntuthuko: OK, sure.

George: Sure.


[At the Young Blood offices]

Client 3: Mr Jacobs, my boss tells me that you sent him a porn video with stupid messages on it. Is that true?

Sham: You are the third client who came across those emails, but I swear I did not email that to any of our clients.

Client 3: So Mr Jacobs, you want to tell me that those videos just emailed themselves to your clients, with your email address?

Sham: No, but it’s not me who emailed them.

Client 3: Mr Jacobs it’s too late to regret. We are taking our business to elsewhere; we don’t want to do a business with you again.

Sham: (begging) But please give me a chance, I am begging you, Sir.

Client 3: No, you’ve gambled with your company, so you’ve got no one to blame but yourself.

Sham: If you take your business, my company will go bankrupt.

Client 3: You should have thought about that before you sent a porn video to my boss.

[Sham’s phone rings.]

Sham: (answer the phone) Young Blood CEO here, how can I help you?

Admin: Sir, the shareholders called an immediate meeting in a board room now.

Sham: Oh, thanks for letting me know.

Admin: Sir, they want to see you now in the board room.

Sham: Tell them I’m on my way.

Sham: OK, Sir.

[After that Sham puts the phone down.]

Client 3: Mr Jacobs, we are really sorry but we had no choice, Sir. After your emails, the company declared you as an irresponsible CEO, and that’s why we are taking our business elsewhere. And I think you need to see a doctor.

Sham: (shouting) What are you trying to say? You think I am mentally disturbed?

Client 3: No, no, I am not trying to accuse you of anything. I was just giving advice.

Sham: Who said I want your bloody advice?

Client 3: I am sorry, Sir, I did not mean to offend you.

[In the boardroom, the shareholders are meeting and Sham walks in.]

Acting Chairperson: Ladies and Gentlemen I apologize to call this meeting at such a short notice. Unfortunately we do not have much to discuss, except the discussion about a new CEO.

Sham: What about me?

Acting Chairperson: Mr Jacobs, ever since you took over as a new CEO of this company, the company is going down the drain. We, as the shareholders of this company, are worried about our investment; since the share price is dropping down daily.

Sham: So you blame me for the entire break down of this company?

Secretary: Mr Jacobs, it is your responsibility as a CEO to make sure that your clients, employees and investors are happy. But after what we heard about how you run this company, I don’t think you have what it takes to be a CEO.

Acting Chairperson: Mr CEO, the company lost three major key managers and three clients at the same time.

Secretary: And we also heard that you demoted the HR Manager.

Sham: Yes, I demoted him.

Secretary: For what reason, If I may ask?

Sham: He’s rude and sluggish.

Acting Chairperson: Mr CEO we are here to make you an offer?

Sham: What offer?

Secretary: We want you to step down as a CEO or else we sell our shares.

Sham: I am not gonna stop you from selling your shares and I am not going to step down as a CEO of this company.

Acting Chairperson: If that’s what you think, therefore we have no choice but to sell our shares before it’s too late.

Sham: It’s your call, not mine.

Acting Chairperson: Therefore this meeting is official dismissed.

Sham: Good!

Secretary: Sham, do you really want to destroy this company?

Sham: No, I am not destroying this company. Just wait until you see what I have in my mind to take this company places.

Secretary: By the time you realize that you have destroyed this company it will be too late to get a buyer.

Sham: It’s none of your bloody business.