[The next day at George’s house. Lucky is back from his overseas trip and he called an immediate meeting with Mr George and his boys.]

George: Lucky, what do you want to discuss with us? Or maybe something bad happened when you were away?

Lucky: Not really Mr George, it’s just that I am tired of sitting here without doing anything against my parents’ murder.

George: What are trying to say, Lucky?

Lucky: Mr George I think now it’s time for action. So Ntuthuko, tell me what have you found?

Ntuthuko: I found that your mom’s company could go bankrupt within two weeks; since more than three clients and key managers left the company because of the poor managing system.

Lucky: Don’t worry about that, I am having a meeting with the board of directors and shareholders this afternoon. What else?

Ntuthuko: I hacked Mr Jacobs’ email account and I found that he sent an email to a guy called Glen, asking him to get rid of you immediately, before you start contesting the will.

Lucky: Wow, he wants me dead?

Ntuthuko: Yes, and apparently this Glen guy is the same guy who kidnapped and killed your father. He’s the same guy who organized your mom’s hit and run and he is also the same guy who destroyed your mother’s new testimonial will.

George: Wow, this Glen guy is the guy who does dirty work for Sham?

Ntuthuko: Yes, Sir.

Lucky: Thank you Ntuthuko. So do you have his residential address?

Ntuthuko: Glen’s?

Lucky: Yes him.

Ntuthuko: Yes, I do have his residential address but it is in my computer.

Lucky: Guys, Ntuthuko is going to give you Glen’s residential address, please boys make sure that you bring him here before the end of this day.

Boys: Your wish, Lucky, is our command.

Lucky: Thank you guys, you may leave now.

George: Lucky, are you sure you want them to bring this guy here?

Lucky: Pretty sure, Mr George.

George: But Lucky, don’t you think it’s too early to do that?

Lucky: No Mr George, this guy killed my parents, destroyed my mom’s will and took my entire legacy.

George: It’s fine Lucky, if that’s what you want. I am going to support you the entire way big guy.

Lucky: Thank you, Mr George; you are one of a kind.

George: So tell me Lucky about your journey. How is your mom’s grandmother?

Lucky: She’s recovering well and she was very happy to see me, but disappointed to hear that my mom is no longer with us.

George: Oh, shame poor old lady.

Lucky: Yeah but she’s a very strong woman.

George: So did she manage to help you get the ownership of Young Blood?

Lucky: Yes, she signed over her power of attorney.

George: (smiling) Oh great! So now you are a 48% shareholder in Young Blood?

Lucky: Yes, I am now a 48% shareholder of Young blood.

George: So what are your plans Lucky, with your shares?

Lucky: This afternoon I am having a meeting with the driving force of Young Blood to fire Sham.
George: Wow! So do you have a plan to convince them to vote you in as a CEO?

Lucky: Yes, I have plenty of ideas and I want you to be a Deputy CEO.

George: Oh, really Lucky?

Lucky: Yes Mr George. You see, the two of us working together would take the company over the moon.

George: (excited) I can’t reject your offer Lucky. I am in with you.

Lucky: Oh thank you, Mr George.

George: So Lucky when is your grandmother coming back to South Africa?

Lucky: Next week, but she doesn’t want to be a part of Young Blood anymore, she wants to start her own company from the ground.

George: Yeah but I don’t blame her, after everything that happened in this company; it’s a very bad history.

Lucky: That’s true, but I am glad I still having her with me.


[The next day Lucky address the board and everyone in the board room is ready to hear Lucky’s speech.]

Acting Chairperson: Ladies and Gentlemen unfortunately I as the acting chairman of this company, I do not know the agenda of this meeting. I called this meeting on behalf of Lucky Nzimande, our late beloved CEO’s son. Ladies and Gentlemen please put your hands together and help me introduce to you Lucky Nzimande.

Sham: (shouting) Listen here Mr Acting Chairperson, this is my company and I will never let you or anyone else call an immediate meeting on behalf of a young boy who’s not even yet obtain his Matric Certificate!

Acting Chairperson: Mr Jacobs, please calm down, and let us hear what the boy’s got for us.

Sham: (shouting) I don’t want to hear anything from this boy! And why are Dhlamini, Thula and Zakes in this meeting, because they resigned from this company?
Acting Chairperson: Lucky invited them, so please give the boy a chance to share his opinion or deliver his speech.

Sham: It’s fine, but you only have ten minutes to say what you want to say and leave.

Acting Chairperson: Over to you Mr Lucky Nzimande, the pulpit is all yours.

Lucky: Ladies and Gentlemen, I am really sorry to call this meeting at such short notice. My name is Lucky Nzimande and I am here to take this company from the mud that is in now. I heard that some of our managers and clients are leaving the company.

Sham: (shouting) What are you going to do about that you son of…?

Lucky: (cutting in Sham’s outburst) Mr Jacobs please let me finish what I want to say then, I will give you a chance to comment and to vote as a shareholder. What I am trying to say Ladies and Gentlemen is that I have a strategic plan to save our company and clients.

Mr Dhlamini: How Mr Nzimande, if I may ask?

Lucky: Good question, Sir. The first thing that we should do as a company is issue a press statement; telling the public that we are not going to retrench any employee in this company and we’ve got everything under control.

Zakes: That is a good idea Lucky, but the problem is that we are bankrupt.

Lucky: That’s true, Sir, but we are going to ensure that we do not go bankrupt by raising a loan if we have to. But I prefer to offer shares to the public than asking for a loan.

Zakes: You mean we should offer shares to the public?

Lucky: Yes, we’ll issue 100 000 shares to the public at a par value of R5 each, of which we are going to raise R500 000.

Zakes: Wow, you are a natural my boy.

Sham: Natural my foot!

Lucky: And with that R500 000 we are going to be able to afford all our expenses and liabilities that we must pay during this accounting period.

Mr Dhlamini: That is a good idea Lucky. So how can we convince our clients not to leave?
Lucky: We are going to issue apologies about what happened and give them an offer that they cannot refuse.

Mr Dhlamini: What kind of an offer?

Lucky: We are going to give them 20% discount for three months as an apology.

Chairperson: Oh my God, I really can’t believe your medulla oblongata my boy; you are really a good thinker.

Lucky: Thank you, Sir. Oh one more thing; I think we can even attract business from in and abroad South Africa to do business with us, by being socially responsible.

Thula: How?

Lucky: By giving back to the community using CSI programs. We all know that CSI creates a positive image for the business and customers’ loyalty.

Thula: Lucky, do not forget that we are having financial problems here, and therefore it would be unfair for the business to invest money to the society instead of investing it in the business’ profitability.

Lucky: I like your point Mr Thula, but what I’ m trying to say is that we don’t have to invest more in CSI; but we can establish our own trust fund and find some investors and sponsors.

Mr Dhlamini: It’s not a bad idea at all Lucky, but CSI consumes a lot of time and that might create a conflict among our employees.

Lucky: That’s true Mr Dhlamini but we’ll create a strategy that will suit both parties.

Thula: I think that’s a good idea Mr Lucky, because if we are socially responsible, our chances are bigger to get partnerships with government or government contract.

Lucky: Indeed.

Mr Dhlamini: I second you both.

Lucky: Thanks.

Acting Chairperson: I second it as well.

Sham: Listen here my boy and listen very carefully, this is my company; you don’t have the right to just come here and tell us what to do in my company.
Lucky: Unfortunately Sir, from now on, I am taking over as a new CEO of this company.

Sham: Hey, you son of a bitch! This is my company and no one is going to step me down as a CEO.

Lucky: Not really, Sir, you are an 8% shareholder in this company and according to our policy an 8% shareholder is recognized as a minor, so you cannot appoint yourself as a CEO.

Sham: Are you mad? Don’t you remember that your mother appointed me in her will to own her shares?

Lucky: Yes, that’s true. But I think you all need to read this document.

Sham: What is this?

Lucky: Guys I know you were all told that my mom’s grandmother is dead, but fortunately she’s alive. She’s been in a psychiatric institution in America and fortunately she’s well now and she’s coming back home next week.

Sham: (shocked) What? Oh no, you are lying.

Mr Dhlamini: Oh, she gave you her power of attorney?

Lucky: Yes, Sir.

Zakes: That’s good news. Lucky, congratulations boy.

Lucky: Thank you, Sir.

Acting Chairperson: Therefore guys, Mr Lucky Nzimande is officially appointed as a new CEO of Young Blood.

Lucky: Thank you, Sir. Fortunately you are all going to keep your positions, except Mr Jacobs. Mr Jacobs, from today you are going to work as an employee in this company. And the demotion placed to Mr Juke is officially removed with an immediately effect.

Sham: Lucky please boy, don’t demote me. I am your stepfather, for heaven’s sake.

Lucky: Mr Jacobs, I want nothing to do with you! But for mom’s sake I will do everything to get my mom’s assets off you.

Sham: (begging) Please Lucky, we don’t have to be enemies.

Lucky: You almost destroyed my mom’s company with your arrogance.

Sham: Lucky I will do everything you want me to do, just give me my job back.

Lucky: Mr Jacobs please leave the room; I need to discuss something with the management of this company.

Sham: (begging) Please son, don’t do that to me, Lucky.

Lucky: Mr Jacobs, I said leave the room.

Zakes: Mr Jacobs you heard the CEO.

Sham: Guys please don’t turn your backs on me. I know I messed up big time, but I deserve a second chance like everyone else in this room.

Lucky: No, you deserve nothing but a taste of your medicine.

Thula: Mr Jacobs don’t push us to call security to throw you out of this office. Spare yourself the embarrassment by leaving the room.