[At Sham and Nomusa’s house.]

Nomusa: Sham, babe, please tell me what I can do to save our marriage?

Sham: Nomusa, there is nothing we can both do about this situation. I know you love me as much as I love you. But sometimes in life we need to surrender things that we love the most, babe.

Nomusa: (crying) But, but I love Babe… I can’t imagine my life without you, Sham.

Sham: Babe, I know what I am talking about. It’s impossible to fix a broken glass. I cheated on you with your colleague and you did the same with my friend.

Nomusa: Tell me something I don’t know, Sham. Now you shift the blame on me as if I am the one who started cheating.

Sham: That’s not true, Nomusa. What I am trying to say is that we both don’t deserve each other.

Nomusa: That’s not true babe, you are everything to me.

Sham: Don’t fool yourself, Nomusa. We both know that you are still in love with your long lost husband, Lucas. You still believe that he’s alive and he will come back and start afresh with you. Am I right?

Nomusa: Ah, hell no Sham! I love you and I want you, not that rubbish.

Sham: Nomusa, you can fool yourself but you’ll never fool me. If you don’t love him, then why did you hire a private investigator to find him and your son?

Nomusa: I thought you understand why, Sham.

Sham: (shouting) Understanding my foot! What’s there to understand, Nomusa? You want me to understand that you want to find your ex, and what’s next?

Nomusa: Babe, I don’t want to find Lucas but I want to find my son; my flesh and blood, Sham.

Sham: So, what’s next, huh?

Nomusa: What do you mean “what is next”?

Sham: Nomusa, you know that wherever your son is, he is with your ex-husband, don’t you know that?

Nomusa: I… I do know that, Sham. But I don’t care about Lucas; I only care about my son, Sham.

Sham: Keep telling yourself that. But don’t you dare think that I will tolerate being embarrassed by you.

Nomusa: Please Sham; please I just need your support, is that too much to ask for?

Sham: You know what Nomusa, I am leaving now. I’ve got a lot to do in your company before you fire me, when you get your ex-husband back.

Nomusa: Please, please man listen to me.

Sham: You know what Nomusa, this conversation it over! I gotta leave now.

Nomusa: You can’t do that to your wife, Sham. Just look, I have chosen you to be my beneficiary to all my assets, in all my policies. Doesn’t that show you that you have a special place in my heart?

Sham: It’s just for now, until you get your ex-husband. And then I will be history to you and your business.

Nomusa: That’s not true damn it, you know me.

[Sham walks out and leaves his wife.]


[At the Young Blood Department of Marketing.]

Glen: What’s going on with you, Sir? You don’t look happy today, is everything right on your side?

Sham: I am… I really don’t know what’s going on with me, Glen.

Glen: Tell me what happened, Sham? You know you can trust me; I’m your homeboy.

Sham: Glen, I had a fight with my wife, dude.

Glen: (shocked) What? No, you didn’t.

Sham: Yes I did, Glen.

Glen: Why dude?

Sham: I think we weren’t meant to be.

Glen: That’s childish, Sham. You want to tell me that you want to give up on her just like that, after everything you did to get her approval?

Sham: What else can I do, Glen?

Glen: You know what Sham; you are not the Sham I used to know. The Sham I used to know was a fighter, a conqueror and he would do everything to protect what rightfully belonged to him.

Sham: Dude, it’s easy for you to say. Actions are more difficult than these cheap words of yours.

Glen: Sham, don’t make me remind you of what we both did for you to get this woman. So now you want to just leave her like that?

Sham: I know, Glen. I kidnapped and killed her husband to get her approval but now she is after me; she wants to find out what happened to her husband and son.

Glen: (shocked) What did you just say? She wants to find the truth?

Sham: You see why I want to leave her, before she finds out the truth about what I did to her husband?

Glen: Dude, don’t be a coward. We can make her believe that her first husband and her son have passed away.

Sham: But it’s not that easy, dude.

Glen: Sham, just go to your wife and make her an offer she can’t refuse.

Sham: What offer dude?

Glen: Tell her that you still love her and you don’t want to lose her. But if she still continues with the investigation, you’ll file for a divorce.

Sham: Wow, Dude, you are so brilliant. What a good idea?

Glen: So… you mean you are going to do it?

Sham: (smiling) Why not dude? Thanks, man.

Glen: Good, so what are you waiting for? Just go to her man.

Sham: Ok, after you bra.

Glen: So you are chasing me out of your office dude?

Sham: No man, don’t be like that.

Glen: (smiling) I’m kidding my homeboy.

Sham: I knew, you are kidding.

Glen: (laughing) Liar.