(Phone rings.)

Esona: Hello.

Lusapho: Are you busy?

Esona: No. Who is this?

Lusapho: When we were by the park, you said that you see something in me that I do not see in myself. Can you please elaborate more on that? What did you mean by that, because you had just met me?

Esona: Oh! Lusapho, itโ€™s you. I did not expect your call so soon.

Lusapho: I am waiting.

Esona: Potential and strength. You are strong. I say this because it has been three days, three days since you lost the mother you have been looking for your entire life and the love of your life, including your unborn child, yet you are still alive and you did not even attempt to commit suicide. That is strength right there. All you need now is to be faithful.

Lusapho: Spoken like my entire family. They are all here having a meeting about me. They want me to go to the funeral.

Esona: Are you not intending to go there?

Lusapho: Why should I?

Esona: Consider the woman that you loved and were going to have a child with, and your biological mother. Why would you not go there? You have to go to find closure, Lusapho.

(The door opens and Nkosingiphile enters the room quietly.)

Lusapho: Look, I will call you again, okay.

Esona: No problem, but you really have to be there if you really loved the mother of your child. Think about the years that you spent together.

Lusapho: Thank you, I will call you soon and we will continue.

Tell us: Do you think Lusapho will eventually go to the funeral?