(It is early afternoon. A herd of buffalos is gathered in a usual grazing spot. They are holding a meeting on how to stop the lions from preying on their cubs. One oldest buffalo, by the name of Bulky, is standing before the herd. And the herd is murmuring.)

Bulky: OK everybody, be all ears, I want to speak now!

(The herd heeds.)

Calf: Talk, we’re listening, some of us are hungry.

Bulky: OK thank you. Guys, our babies are vulnerable and lions know that.

Bosky: Yeah, so what? We’ve known that for donkey’s years!

(A few giggle from the herd.)

Bulky: I’m suggesting we avenge our cubs’ deaths.

Bosky: Whoooah! How?

Bulky: We kill those lions once and for all!

(Bosky and the rest of the herd laugh uncontrollably.)

Bosky: OK! OK! OK! Are you serious now? How are we going to do that without deadly jaws?

Mama Buffalo: This is a waste of time and energy. My babies, let’s go.

(She leaves, taking her two cubs with her. The rest of the herd follows her and only five buffalos remain: Bulky, Bosky, Belly, Becky and Charlotte.)

Bulky: Argh, guys this meeting is over.

Bosky: They are cowards and we are not! I say let’s do it anyway.

(The other buffalos second him. They all gather and log their heads.)

Bulky: OK, here’s the plan.


Tell us: Do you think they will be able to kill the lions?