[Thandi was three years when she last saw her parents. Her sisters have been keeping the real cause of their death and she hates it. What are they hiding from her?]

Thandi: Both my parents died before…

Thelma: Ssh! Don’t worry so much about it.

Thandi: I wonder how they would look like.

Thelma: They both look like you.

Thandi: I’m almost fifteen years old and I don’t know what killed them.

Lizzy is Thandi’s elder sister. She tries to cool down Thandi.

Lizzy: They died in a car accident.

Thandi: But my mother died of a heart disease.

Lizzy: Where did you get that?

Thandi: Am old enough to ask around!

Thelma: That’s your sister you are talking to Thandi.

Thandi: I don’t care she is a liar.

[After that Thandi and her sister made up. It was nice and question free.]

Thandi: I am happy to have you as my sister.

Lizzy: Am lucky to have you too. By the way how is school?

Thandi: Let’s talk about it later.

Lizzy: Ok.


[Thabo is the real father of Thandi and Lizzy. He ran away after the death of their mother. Now he is in his house with his new family.]

Thabo: Ma-bless, can I have my food please?

Marth: Since when? You are useless. You don’t even have a child.

Thabo: Even if I had a child I wouldn’t have told you.

Marth: That’s your choice.

Zero: What’s going on, Dad?

Marth: Get out of here I am talking to your father.

Zero: Ok.


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