[Things became tense between Thabo and his stepson Zero.]

Zero: Mom can I have ten rand?

Marth: For what reason, for smoke?

Zero: Did this thing of yours tell you that?

Marth: Who is the thing you are talking about?

Thabo: I’m your father son.

Zero: You are nothing to me.

Thabo: Now you are out of order.

Zero: Yes, I’m out of here.

[Thabo visited his parents to talk about his life and his stepson.]

Sharon: You have your own children, Lizzy and Thandi.

Frans: Yes, those are your real children.

Thabo: Please my parents let’s not be on that, it is in the past.

Sharon: How can you say that? They are still alive.

Thabo: I don’t even know if they still remember me, they were young. Only Zero knows me.

Frans: Son, I can take you to them.

[Thelma and Thandi are playing outside when they get unexpected visitors. Lizzy shocked.]

Frans: Hi, children. Can we speak to someone older than you in the house?

Thandi and Thelma: Aftermoon sir, Lizzy is in the house.

Lizzy: Thelma who are you talking to?

Thandi: This old man wants to talk to you.

Lizzy: Thandi, Thelma get in the house now.

Thabo: I am sorry my child.

Thandi: Don’t worry, she has been like this since my parents died.

Thabo: I am your father. The blood parent.

Thandi and Lizzy: You are a liar.

Lizzy: He left us alone. He didn’t care about us.


Lizzy: Yes, I am sorry I lied.

[Thabo and Frans arrives home. They find Sharon sad and Marth was there too.]

Thabo: What’s wrong here?

Sharon: Where is your father?

Thabo: He is coming.

Frans: Wow, Marth is nice to see you here.

Sharon: And she got bad news too.

Thabo: What do you mean, are you ok?

Marth: Yes I am.

Sharon: Zero is arrested for theft.

Marth: I should have given him that money. It’s all you fault.

Thabo: I did not think…

Marth: Yes, that’s your problem – you do not think.

Thabo: I’m sorry. Let’s get him out.

Marth: Like even if you care about him.

Sharon: Calm down, both of you.

Frans: Let’s think, maybe we can find a solution.


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