(Sethu is at home. His mother, Nomsa, suffers from lung cancer, and his 12-year-old sister cannot speak. On his way back from Molly, he finds his mother smoking.)

Sethu: (Shocked and angry) Mom, you can’t smoke, you are sick, and it is dangerous for your health.

Nomsa: (Coughs) You know my son, I breathed life into you, I showed you how to be a big man. Look at you, my son, huh … You are a strong man. You can take care of your family at the age of 19. You know, when your father left me, I told myself that I would be strong for you and Lisa, and yes, I am. Life is a game my son, it depends how you play it. My child, never lose that Molly. She is everything someone needs, and I would not be surprised if you two get married to each other.

Sethu: Mama, Molly is my best friend, I would never marry my best friend.

Nomsa: Maybe you will my son. Life is full of surprises, you will never know. My son, when I die, I want you to take care of Lisa. She is your younger sister, so make sure whatever life brings, she is on your side. I have never told you this, but the doctor said when I found out she cannot speak, there is a chance for Lisa to speak, but all I need is R250 000 for the surgery.

Sethu: (Shocked.) That’s too much mama, and … I do not have any plans to get that money.

Nomsa: Never mind my child, I have accepted her like that, and she is fine.

Sethu: Before I go to sleep, Molly said she will come tomorrow morning to read you that story.

Nomsa: (Smiling.) I cannot wait. Goodnight my son, but before you sleep, make sure Lisa finishes her food. She is naughty, you know her.

Sethu: (Laughing.) Eish, that one, I know her very well. Goodnight mama.


Tell us: What would you do if you were in Sethu’s situation?