In the morning, Andisiwe is chatting with Anathi.

Andisiwe: Morning Nati. How did you sleep?

Anathi: I had the sweetest of dreams (smiling) what about you?

Andisiwe: I had the most sweetest of dreams ever! I’m at home, I can feel it.

(they both laugh)

Andisiwe: So tell me, what are your plans for today?

Anathi: I don’t have any. Why do you ask?

Andisiwe: I want us to stretch our legs, take a walk or something. I need some fresh air. The Eastern Cape scent.

Anathi: How about we go visit a friend of mine, Asive?

Andisiwe: Good thinking…let’s go and look for something to wear.

(They both go in Andisiwe’s bedroom. Abongile and her brother go in the kitchen.)

Abongile: Hey brother. What are you doing today? The weather is beautiful (putting on the kettle).

Sizwe: I was thinking…

Abongile: What? You want us to go to the sea? You can’t even swim. You’ll only embarrass your daughter (giggles)

Sizwe: No sis. Don’t you think we should go to the graveyard?

Abongile: And bury ourselves alive? No! Tea?

Sizwe: Yes, I would love some. I was thinking maybe we should go and speak to them.

Abongile: Who?? Can you please be more specific?

Sizwe: Our parents…maybe they will put a stop to all this. Our son is crippled because of them, I am sure about that. Why are they still controlling our lives as if they are not dead? No, this has got to stop.

Abongile: (contrite and frightened) no we can’t go there. Seeing their graves will only bring bad memories. Do you still remember what they did to us? How they died? I don’t want to go back there. I really don’t want to (sobbing)

Sizwe: It’s okay, I understand you. Is the tea not ready yet? I’ll have it with some bread, I’m hungry.

Abongile: Okay, give me a minute.

(Anathi and Andisiwe show up)

Abongile: Wow! Girls where is the party? You’re dressed to kill (smiling)

Sizwe: You’re married but still dress like Anathi.

Andisiwe: My husband knows I love skinny jeans. He even buys them for me.

Anathi: Mom, I’m taking Andie to my friend Asive and then after that we’ll go and do our hair and nails.

Sizwe: What is wrong with your hair? Or your nails?

Anathi: (smiling) Even if I told you, you wouldn’t understand because you’re not a girl.

Sizwe: And I am glad.

Anathi: Goodbye everyone, let’s go cuz.

Abongile: Enjoy. Here’s your tea and your bread.

Sizwe: Thanks. (drinks his tea) Just the way I like it.

Abongile: Ohh please! Get yourself a wife. Let me go give Thabo his food. (breaks the conversation)

(Anathi and Andisiwe come back late and find everyone is already sleeping. They both go to sleep.)