It is morning and Sizwe has already left. Abongile is in the kitchen and then she hears her son calling her.

Thabo: MOM!!!

Abongile: (runs to her son’s room. Anathi is already there) What is it Thabo? I hope you’re not calling me because you want me to take your dishes to the kitchen.

Anathi: We have to take him to the hospital mom (looking for her brother’s clothes)

Thabo: Mom, I can’t feel my legs (crying)

Abongile: What do you mean you can’t feel your legs?? Let me help you stand up.

[Thabo falls.]

Abongile: Oh my God. I wonder what is going on.

Anathi: Mom, let’s go. I’ve packed some clothes for him. I’ll change him in the car.

[Abongile puts Thabo on her back. They went to the hospital and many tests were done, but didn’t show what was wrong with him. He was then asked to come back again after some time.]

Sizwe and his daughter are welcomed by the empty house

Sizwe: Hello, anybody home?

Andisiwe: People here are so mean. In Cape Town we throw parties for our visitors. I was expecting a surprise.

Sizwe: Make yourself something to eat while I unpack your stuff. (takes Andisiwe’s stuff to the guestroom)

Andisiwe: (moaning) Now I have to make food for myself, how mean! I am a visitor, I should be treated like President Zuma’s wife (preparing something to eat)

[There is a knock on the door.]

Sizwe: Please take care of that. Tell them you’re home alone.

Andisiwe: (opens the door. A man enters, looks up and talks in riddles) Did I say enter?

Phello: (goes down on his knees, calls Thabo repeatedly) Thabo! Thabo! Thabo! Thabo! They should confess (throws his bones) yes they should confess and you’ll be free! (He stands up and leaves)

Andisiwe: (closing the door) Gosh!! People enter uninvited and do as they please, how mean!!

(Abongile and Anathi arrive, holding Thabo)

Andisiwe: Ohh hello my loved ones. I’ve been waiting for you.

Anathi: Hello cousin, give me a minute and I’ll be back.

Andisiwe: No hug or kiss? Why is everybody so mean? Anyway, I can’t wait to tell you about Cape Town.

Abongile: There we go

[they went into Thabo’s room and put him on his bed. They explained all that happened and Anathi got time to bond with her favourite cousin.]


[Phello shows up again when everybody is in the kitchen having supper.]

Phello: (enters, throws his bones and talks in riddles) They should confess, the truth shall set everyone free. Thabo will never walk again until the whole truth is revealed (sings & dances) (he goes to Sizwe and says) “Tell the truth and set your son free” (he turns and leaves)

Andisiwe: Daddy, how come you have a son and I know nothing about it? I want to meet him. Does he look like you?

Sizwe: (guilty and nervous) I don’t have a son. I don’t know what he’s talking about. I’m as shocked as you all are. Maybe he entered into the wrong house.

Andisiwe: I know this man, he was here earlier today. I don’t think he’s mistaken. He said you should tell us the truth. What will it be? Are you married?

Sizwe: (angry) I said I DON”T KNOW! You know how these people are. They are sometimes paid. Perhaps, someone paid him to come and embarrass me in front of my family.

Anathi: (looking at her mom) mom, you haven’t said anything, but you’re sweating. Do you know anything about this?

Abongile: (scratching her nose) Darling, I know nothing. It is hot in here. Like your uncle said, this man may have been paid for this. You don’t have to worry (gets up and clears the table) Sizwe will you please help Anathi take Thabo to his bedroom?

Andisiwe: Don’t worry aunty I’ll help her.

(they go to the bedroom)

Abongile: You know what? I am going to tell them. I can’t afford to lose my son (sitting down)

Sizwe: Our son? (sits next to his sister)

Abongile: What do we do now? We can’t live like this for the rest of our lives. Why can’t we just tell them the truth now? It will eventually come out. What if that man comes back again and we’re not here and then decides to tell them everything, huh?

Sizwe: Sis, you worry too much. Leave it to me and I will handle it my own way. Now come (he hugs her) I will find time, the right time.

Abongile: Okay. I’m going to bed, what about you?

Sizwe: I’m tired. I want to have some alone time with my bed. Goodnight.

Abongile: Goodnight!

(they both go to their rooms, Anathi and Andisiwe go to the kitchen to make themselves some tea.

Anathi: So cuz, how is your husband doing? Why didn’t you come with him? (putting the kettle on)

Andisiwe: Ohh that one, he’s fine. We don’t get along like before. He’s changed and…let’s talk about something else.

Anathi: (rinsing the cups) Sure but why? What happened? Milk?

Andisiwe: Yes love. Peter and I are always fighting. I guess it is because I cannot conceive. And you, do you have a boyfriend?

Anathi: My boyfriend left me, said I have a lot on my plate, whatever that means. I’m just not into dating. Here’s your coffee. (giving Andisiwe her cup)

Andisiwe: Girl, you don’t know what you’re missing. (taking the cup) thanks, please pass me the sugar.

Anathi: (passing the sugar) says who?? The one who’s trapped in marriage? (laughs)

Andisiwe: Well, I had a life even before marriage. I’ll drink this (coffee) in my room.

Anathi: Me too. Goodnight.

Andisiwe: Night.

(They both go to sleep)

It is midnight and Thabo is dreaming. The whole house is woken up by his screams. They all go to his room. Anathi turns on the light.

Anathi: (goes to his bed) Hey! Wake up. It’s okay we’re here now (hugging him)

Thabo: (scared and shaking) they were right where you are standing mom. I saw them. They were talking.

Abongile: Who? What are you talking about? What did they say?

Sizwe: I’m sure you were dreaming Thabo. There is nobody here but us.

Thabo: I swear I wasn’t dreaming. I saw them and they were introducing themselves. The woman said she’s Nomtandazo and the man said he’s Sipho. They said they were here for their unfinished business.

Andisiwe: Ohh you were dreaming (sitting next to him) I once dreamt of them too. They are our late grandparents.

Thabo: They even said something about a curse and seemed very angry.

Anathi: Unfinished business? Mom don’t you think this dream has something to do with what that man said?

Abongile: No sweetheart, this was only a dream. Andisiwe, what did they say to you?

Andisiwe: They said something about sacrifices made in the past but my husband interrupted my sleep and so I ignored it.

Anathi: Just like that? You cannot ignore a dream like that cuz, you should have at least contacted us. Now do you see that your dream is the same as Thabo’s?

Andisiwe: Darling, what was I supposed to do? Even if I went back to sleep, I wasn’t going to dream of the same thing again. Just take a deep breath and chill. I never worry myself about things I do not know.

Abongile: Tell that to your cousin Anathi. She is so serious about life.

Sizwe: What did you expect from an educator? Teachers think they know everything.

Thabo: Stop it now. Sis, don’t worry. I’ll be okay. You can go back to sleep now (hugs his sister)

Anathi: If I wasn’t serious about life I wouldn’t be where I am today. Besides, I am looking for anything that can lead to my brother’s rescue. We have to trust what our guts tell us.

Sizwe: Ohh please! The only time you should listen to your gut is when it tells you that it’s lunch time.

[They all laugh except Anathi. She leaves the room and after her they all follow.]