CHIKWAMBANI: Remove who? Eh…eh…I am not a piece of furniture, actually you South Africans, you are suffering from criticism amongst yourselves.

S’KHWIHLI: You keep on provoking us, Gatjeni can you hear this?

CHIKWAMBANI: You Mbonyani, you criticise each other with culture, tribes and ethnicity.

MBONANI: So now you claim you know us?

GATJENI: Wow, madoda Chikwambani is right as his telling the truth, let’s be one and become united. We come from the same place, we should be together as one unit, regardless of anything.

Gaining confidence, Chikwambani stands up and expresses himself more.

CHIKWAMBANI: Gatjeni this people, I don’t understand why they don’t have peace and humanity towards us because we are from the same continent.

MBONANI: When you say this, who are you referring to?

S’KHWIHLI: Talk clever, talk before I…

CHIKWAMBANI: I don’t know what you want from us because we create our opportunities and make magic with our hands.

GATJENI: I agree with you Chikwambani.

S’KHWIHLI: Oh! Gatjeni you stand with him now?

CHIKWAMBANI: He’s right when he stands with me. Look here, where you two see darkness I see light, so back off.

MBONANI: Back off for what? You’re a criminal because you don’t invest in our South Africa.

S’KHWIHLI: Tell him Mbonani because Gatjeni doesn’t see what we see. Even now the kwerekwere kids get grants and stuff, but they take their money to their country. They just take everything that belongs to us.

GATJENI: Guys, but it won’t help us because now you also violating the rights of a human.

CHIKWAMBANI: Look here you two, even if you can kill me now, my friend Benson and other fellow brothers, it’s OK. But you will never have the mind and the skills that we have because God does not give his people the same.

MBONANI: Hey, don’t talk about God. I don’t think that God knows you.

S’KHWIHLI: Besides, we don’t want to be with anyone who is black, dirty and stinky like you.

CHIKWAMBANI: I am not talking about a colour.

MBONANI: What are you talking about exactly?

CHIKWAMBANI: Peace and tolerance within Africans.

GATJENI: Yes. We must embrace one another as Africans since the world belongs to every one of us, living here.

CHIKWAMBANI: Why don’t you do likewise as Gatjeni is doing, you know he has the human spirit, the real African one.

S’KHWIHLI: Gatjeni you are the sell-out, sis man.

MBONANI: What do you know about peace and tolerance because in your birth country you are deprived of it? You are the last one to tell me about that so chill.

Gatjeni stands up and starts yelling.

GATJENI: Mbonani and S’khwihli shut up! This is my house and so get out. Out! Because now you are way out of line and you’re starting to get on my nerves, so madoda. Out.

CHIKWAMBANI: Gatjeni that’s enough now. I can see that these two vampires are thirsty for my blood, so Mbonani and S’khwihli go on, beat me to my death, I am man enough to handle it.

Mbonani and S’KHWIHLI: Oh! Come here you piece of…

There is shuffling of chairs, a table moving and footsteps.

CHIKWAMBANI: Leave me. Leave me alone! Yoh… Yoh…even if you can kill me, my Nigerian friend Benson, his family and other fellow brothers that you have killed we will go to heaven.

MBONANI: God must be crazy.

CHIKWAMBANI: Unfortunately… But for some, they’ll surely go to hell.

Gatjeni climbs on a table and takes out his gun and shoots twice.

GATJENI: What’s wrong with you two idiots? My brother in-law is out there in Nigeria perusing his aviation career, so since you killed Benson do you know what will happen to him? Please stop being selfish and stupid.

CHIKWAMBANI: I don’t know where this madness comes from. We used to drink together and be nice, but now, something has changed.

GATJENI: Mbonani, S’khwihli and Chikwambani come here and sit.


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