My father came back from work to find his family missing, and in our absence were three loud cats.

“Nandipha?” My father Andile called out to his wife. His mind racing, conscious that we did not foster any cats.



He raced to the living room where the noise originated from. The cats raucously rummaging around the area all froze as he entered the scene.

“Goodness gracious…” His hand involuntarily moved to scratch his head like it always did when he was confused.

“Lwethu! Unathi!” He yelled, panic creeping in, intensified by the smell of burning lasagne and cat piss under his foot.

He extended his arm towards the cat that sat on the table. He seized their collar and read the words on the tag out loud.

“Animalis Verto.”

His face was wiped clean of any expressions as realization settled in, and fur sprouted from his shrinking limbs.