I loved you and yet you did this to me. I was there for you, never left you for a second but you managed to love another.

Give me a reason because I’m confused. Why did you break my heart like this? Why?

I ask myself these questions because I gave you so much but I bet it wasn’t enough. Enlighten me, I need light. You were my light, so bright like lightening in a thunderstorm.

I curse love. For real it broke my heart tremendously, placed it down and walked on top of it and broke it.

I loved you. It took time but I fell for you. Little did I know, I was falling on the floor. Because of you, I now have to start again, looking for love once more and mend broken trust and insecurities within me.

I wonder, why did I fall for you? You are a sheep clothed person you’ve ruined me but I thank you either way. You weren’t who you said you were.

You made promises to me, which I later believed, but now…now who is going to fulfil them since you’ve left me? Is she better than me? Prettier than me? What does she have that I lack?
I was a fool! You fooled me, you idiot. You promised me the world and yet gave me nothing.

You made an oath, have you forgotten? You pledged! But seemingly all of that was a lie, all of that went down the drain. Crying over spilled milk is pointless. I’m hopeless and loveless, I’ve lost words but know one thing, I cared for you in a powerful way.

But I don’t want you no more, farewell, you loser. I blame me for falling for you, for letting you in my heart but I’ve learnt. Not everyone is who they say they are. Thank you for wasting my time, my precious heart and thank you for all those memories of melodies. You’ve taught me something and I’m grateful.


Tell us: Have you ever been grateful for an ex?