I used to be ‘Miss Too Judgemental’, ‘til I personally realised that I was not a saint myself. I am a pretty little liar, a diabolical, cunning, plotting, no-good-bitch. My good girl behaviour is just a facade. Only a naive moron will believe that I deserve Miss Good Behaviour award.

If you look deep into my glassy brown eyes, there is fire. You could see the existence of hell down there and echoes of tortured souls who feel nothing but agony. Anyway, it is not about being a good girl gone bad.

All I can say is I will never ever in my life again judge anybody. I’ve heard so many tales that are so appalling that almost left me traumatised. Somehow I know that nobody was born bad. Somehow something triggered them to be bad.

Somehow, I know that Lucifer wasn’t created evil. He used to be good and he served God. He was an archangel along his brothers, Michael and Gabriel.

I won’t judge him for defying God wanting to do things his ways. Guys, do not be timorous I am not one of his minions. I am not planning to sell my soul to him or have infatuation to join his organisation called the illuminate. I am very into social media and I am an internet lover. I heard or read lurid tales about celebs who are serving the devil. I heard they sell their souls to the devil for fame, money, power and having women all over them.

I am not judging. We all are human and we’ve got our flaws.

It could be out of desperation but if I had to wear their shoes, I would never sell my soul to the devil and I’d rather be destitute. I believe that if I want money and power I will sweat for those. Materialistic things are nothing compared to a soul. Your soul is valuable; no price can replace the greatness of your soul. Once your soul is gone, you’re just an empty shell of a person who is no longer a human among other humans.

Eve listened to a serpent’s misleading words to defy God and also got Adam to eat the forbidden fruit?

Surely there were consequences for defying God. The whole humankind was cursed. I cannot judge Eve, only God will.

There are deeply broken people out there. Their ulterior motives of being the world rank bad-ass. It could be that they had bad, painful childhoods or they lost their loved one. Women who had an abortion in my community are judged so harshly.

Who are you to judge? You do not know the pain others are in. Some women have an abortion because they’ve been raped or their lovers had forced them to have an abortion. I am not endorsing abortion. I believe that killing a baby is a sin and I am sure you do read the Bible. Yes, it is wrong to kill an innocent soul, a baby is a gift that comes from God.

I’ve seen horrible stuff and read from the newspaper that a two or three-year-old toddler was playing with a dead newborn baby. The toddler is said to be playing at the dump site.

A housewife can decide to take her husband out of the picture. We judge so quickly. We really do not know she did that because her husband was physically abusing her and she had had enough.

I can name all classic stuff done by people all day long. All I can say is, do not hastily judge others but yourself.


Tell us: How quickly do you judge others?