We can rise and shine. It may be a wheel that does not have a beginning and ending but the truth is that pain and sorrows are seen by many and the matter of happiness is seen by fewer, because many are called but few are chosen. Challenges we come across in life has opened scars, pains and sorrows. Yes, it has but we can conquer this; in my Sepedi language we say, “Se se sa feleng se ya hlola.”

In life, as people, we come across challenges and difficulties; some things that one would even think they’ll never overcome. But good South Africans take a look at yourself, your life, where you are and things that you have achieved. You have achieved a lot that you can be grateful for; you have been given life to work hard to achieve more, to reach the sky. Why do you limit yourself? Why do you have to doubt yourself? Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you’re unique and you can do this. Remove the mind-set of ‘you cannot do this’. Success has no limitations unless you limit yourself.

When we go to the word of God, Hebrews 11, it says to have faith is to believe in things that cannot be seen but are promised. Whenever I read this verse I always smile, because it is hard to just believe what you do not see with your eyes and as black people we are very impatient. But the truth is that if you understand it deeply with your soul and heart, it simply means the things that we desire to have and working hard to have, we’ll get it because we are promised as the verse says.

We must work hard, walk with confidence and speak and act like you’ve already achieved the goal. Confuse the enemy a little bit. Leave them behind with their cognition of what he has already achieved? Is he as an engineer? Is he being honest about whether he owns a company? Look, let them talk, don’t mind them, you and your God you know everything because Psalm 139 says our Lord the creator he knows us all.

Yes, it is a long journey, but none of us we were promised a thing called an easy road. “Ke mmila o mosesane mme go lahlega ba bangata”. But you always tell yourself you are one of the few people chosen. We are called for many different things, bad and good. We cannot be chosen in the same ways, but we will be chosen to come and receive our blessings. Have a gold heart, always be kind, honest, loving and caring and put a smile on your face because everything is going to be okay in time. Not everything will be accomplished the way we want it to be, so everything you come across learn to be grateful, to be able to move on with your life.

Always remember the word success; that we are working towards it and it has no limitations. Never give up, keep on going, you’re almost there at the door of your success.


Tell us: What is your advice in succeeding in life?