Tears flood down my cheeks every time I look at my late beloved father’s photographs. His departure was a tragedy. No one expected him to die so soon.

It was late afternoon when tidings reported that he was no more. I could not believe my own ears. I never wanted to believe what I was told. But as time went by that day, I came to the reality that he really went into a journey where no traveller returns.

As I realised that, the world became sober. It became as dark as coal. It was getting smaller and smaller. I felt like I could become a fly, so that I could fly away from the misery I was surviving in. I desperately wanted to escape from the reality. I wanted someone to blame. I could not differentiate between day and night; all were the same. My heart sank in blood full of loneliness and anger.

My heart was molten. I was trembling like the strings of the guitar when played by the guitarists, from head to toe. My mouth went dry. My hair vanished. My physique desiccated. Tears were automatically flooding like a tsunami. I was colonised by misery. My brain halted from functioning effectively. I wept like a baby in destitute. I could not take in anything for about a month. It was really hard for me to believe that he was really gone for good and will never come back.

He was a great man. He ensured that I was well, physically and emotionally. He used to tell me nice stories to my sleep. He used to carry me on his shoulder for a walk. He used to be worried when he saw me crying. He would buy me niceties to let go of that situation. He used to tell me how much he loved me.

He was my pillar of strength and my motivation. I looked up to him He was my best friend, father and my hero. He could do anything to please me. He ensured that I was happy and smiling EVERYDAY!

We used to take family photos on every first day of every month. We used to go fishing on a nearby lake together. We used to have a family picnic on summer. I used to cuddle on my dad’s back like a young monkey does on its mother. We used to fight for the remote! It’s a pity that all will never be done again.

I will never forget that day, as if it occurred yesterday. I know exactly how difficult it is, to lose a biological family member. But somehow, life goes on.