After three years we started texting again. He told me that he broke up with his girlfriend.
Honestly, I was excited that Mr X reached out to me this time. But I felt like I should play hard to get. I mean, this guy rejected me years back because he had a girlfriend. I just had to give him a taste of his own medicine.

“My girlfriend and I broke up a year ago, we also have a child together,” he said.

To me it was music to my ears. I couldn’t think of the other girl, I was only happy that I had a chance to be with my Mr X. I comforted him with my words and promised him that surely it would pass. I decided to let him know that I was occupied too.

“I’m also in relationship and I have a baby too,” I said.

He was fine with being a friend. I needed more but I couldn’t just give in to him that easily. Before I could come clean, I started getting him ready for the unexpected.

“I’m now a changed woman, I’m fat after giving birth.”

“You would be shocked if I tell you something.”

“Nothing that comes from you will ever be a shock to me,” I smiled, “you’re Mr X after all, you’re holding a special place in my heart.”

“Thank you for being the special friend that you are, Anita. I know everything about you. I see you almost every day.”

“That’s impossible. I saw you three years ago, how’s it possible that you see me and I don’t see you?”

“I stalk you, I even saw you last week, you were heading to the taxi rank, wearing a white dress.”

“What’s your reason for stalking me, you sound like a psycho now.”

“No, dear, I just wanted to find a good chance, so I can talk to you.”

“OK, now I’m in Limpopo for the festive holidays, I guess we will meet when I come back.”

We kept texting, he was telling me he loved me. I wanted to give in and give him a chance. Since I’d been waiting for this I decided to stall him for some time. I even planned that on the 31st of December I would give him his reply.

On the 28th of December, my sister borrowed my phone. She saw Mr X and she screamed, “Yoh! Do you know this guy, tjo?!”
“Yes, he’s my friend.”

What I heard after that was a bombshell!

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