What caused me to change was remembering what our country has been through, the people who forced themselves to survive on a daily basis. These people fought day in and day out, they never rested. It made me see life from a different point of view, because if it were not for them, I would not know where I would be.

These are the people who fell and rose, dusted off their feet and carried on fighting for what was right. It was a long battle for them and it took them many years to win the fight. During that battle a lot of blood and tears were spilt on the ground. Many families lost their daughters and sons, young kids lost their parents, who went out there in the street to fight for a better tomorrow.

The young ones had to learn to fight and fend for themselves. Many people were killed or thrown into jails. The more the battle continued, the more people got killed, and the more people suffered. At long last the people of our nation won the fight in 1994. It made me change my life for the better because if not for them, I do not know how much worse my life could have been. I thank our fallen heroes.

We have so many opportunities in life to be successful. One of the opportunities is education, because they never had the chance to educate themselves. They fought so that we could take the opportunity with both hands and honour their legacy. We live in the new democracy where we all have rights. The rights we have today allow us healthy food, shelter, clothing and most importantly, education. Everything is easy nowadays. People have access to anything. Our lives revolve around technology. Back then life was tough, for instance if they wanted to communicate they had to write letters. Nowadays nobody does that, people use their smart phones.

We could still live the memory of our fallen leaders and heroes because they are inspirational. I look up to them. They never did what they did for money, they did it out of the pure love in their hearts. They changed my life in a different way, my everyday life from birth I’ve been living the legacy.

I assist where I can in my community; I help people in my community. For instance, I help young boys by showing them how to treat women. I let them see the bigger picture and also tell them about men who abuse, rape and kill our mothers and sisters. What they learn the most is to be the difference and protect our sisters and mothers. Because one day we will wake up with no women around if we are not the difference.

I live on improving for the better, not just improving myself but for any other ordinary person out there. I believe if I can achieve to put in the effort and time in doing it, then someone else can too.

In my community the youth focuses on their talents. Their passion is what makes me smile and say, “wow” because our icons would be proud of their effort and time. Fighting for us was not in vain, it was for the good of the next generations.

I taught the young generation to live the legacy of our country’s fallen heroes.