My name is Elimonly Petronela Kaunda. I am 18 years old and am schooling at Best College in Salt River, Cape Town. This is a true story that happened to me on the last day of exams. I was coming home from school with my friends, in Rondebosch near Red Cross Children’s Hospital.

It was 24 November, everyone knows that day, it’s black Friday. It’s a day where everyone enjoys themselves and buys things on low prices. My friends and I were making jokes about how the teachers talked.

“I don’t like Mr Cloete, guys he annoys me,” Lenna said.

“But I like him,” said Rose.

“You are mad you, Mr Cloete is the most annoying teachers of all teachers,” I said.

When we departed, I started singing gospel music – I love gospel and I was singing one of my favourite songs. From nowhere, someone grabbed me from the back and put his hands around me. He demanded a phone and money from me.

I told him, “I don’t have a phone or money.”

“You’re lying, give me your phone or I will stab you.”

I felt pain on my chest, as if he had already done it. He noticed that there were cars coming and another guy was approaching us, then he left. Another man followed him with his car and blocked him. He wanted to run to the other side but there was also a car blocking him.

One of the staff members from school saw me. She approached me and told me to get into the car, but I didn’t hear her, because I was crying, shocked and scared. I didn’t know what happened. She got out of her car and helped me into the car. When I stopped crying and calmed down, she asked me what had happened. I explained to her everything while we were watching what was going on.

The time I saw the boy who attacked me, I was scared and disgusted because he had blood all over his palms. When everything was over, and they had already beaten him up, they asked me if they should let him go. I said it was fine, they can let him go.

All the people who helped me in this situation were my heroes because they saved my life. If it wasn’t for them, I could have been killed or seriously injured.