I can’t bear this pain. You want to leave, I need you to stay. You want to move on, you’ve been showing every sign. I can’t ignore it anymore, I have to let you go. If it’s the best decision and will be good for you, who am I to refuse and stop you.

I tried my best to prove my love to you, I wasn’t enough. Now I have to stay and sit here, while I’m watching love fade away. There’s nothing I can do, from the start you have been pushing me away.

Tears in my eyes, trying so hard not to show it because I find it hard to believe and accept that you’re leaving me. I want to hold your hand for the last time, but you won’t let me. You are in a hurry, you can’t wait to go far away from me. This is not a goodbye, that’s why I can’t smile and wave at you to say have a safe journey.

You’re not going, you are running, as if you’re in a race to your destination. All you want to do is leave me. With teary eyes, I have to sit down and watch love fade away. That’s the pain and the heartbreak of watching love fade away.


Tell us: Have you ever had to let go of someone you care for?