I have decided to write and tell a story about a day when I was out with my village boys swimming in a local dam. I have chosen this because it was the day that I learned about the consequences of disrespecting other people.

Just like any boy who grew up in rural areas, I used to go out with other boys of the village. It was an embarrassment to you as a boy if you told your parents about a bad thing that has been done to you by other boys. Slowly, slowly, I became one of the “silly boys”.

One day I was swimming with other boys of my village in a dam. I cruelly and rudely took one of the boys and mercilessly pushed him under the water. I kept him under the water for about a minute. Other boys were just laughing and clapping their hands. At that stage showing pride and power over your peers was an amazing thing, so I always wanted to prove that I indeed was a boss. I felt confident and proud.

Unfortunately for me, in revenge, his older brother, who was just sitting observing the situation, took over. He quickly dived into the water and grabbed me angrily and pressed me down. I lay down with my chest on the dam floor with his knees on my back.

I tried to cry but I could not. He kept me for about a minute and a half. He then released me – my eyes were as red as blood and my stomach was full of water. All of a sudden everybody was laughing at me. I then lost my pride and power.

Today I understand and respect those who are around me. I will never practice such a barbaric act in my life again, but I will always show loyalty to all people. A terrible act of cruelty might be more painful to you than it is to the victim.