My essay is about the day that I hurt my ankle. I was at a training session playing soccer with my teammates. I got injured there because of a silly boy who came up and tried to take the ball from me while I was doing some football skills.

I was playing soccer at the field with my teammates. There was a silly boy who came and hurt my ankle while I was playing soccer. I was embarrassed because I cried because I felt pain and the boys all laughed.

I felt embarrassed because I was crying while others played soccer. I limped on the way home. When I got home my mother and my brothers took me to hospital. And the boy didn’t even apologise to me. I was very upset because when you hurt someone you have to ask for forgiveness – you don’t have to laugh.

From that day on I learned that you don’t have to laugh while someone feels pain. You have to feel the pain that the other one feels. You have to stop laughing and try something to help him/her. Also, you must not hold a grudge against the person who hurt you. You have to try to show the person that you don’t think about the thing he/she did to you. You mustn’t think about the past, you have to carry on in your future.