Surrounded by beautiful people with faces full of pretence, I know precisely that they are not happy at all. Hatred fills their hearts and so jealousy is their first priority. Men have turned to wear mini-skirts and high heels and women wear jockeys and perform manly duties. You can hear their voices when they talk to their so called husbands; you might think that they are inside a bus full of drunken men. Not saying that a drunken man cannot sometimes behave like a gentleman.

They don’t care about anything but all they care about is to feed their habits of sitting on the sun, just like reptiles, and mind other people’s business. Laughing, laughing and laughing but only to find out that they are laughing for no reason.

They say gossiping is a freedom of fools but sharing is a freedom of being successful. I am a gentleman with a heart of a lion towards any negative obstacles. I am a gentleman with softness towards women and children. Please don’t confuse yourself by trying to follow my unspoken feelings because you might find yourself been lost in the maze.