‘Unprivileged’ is the label I get at school, museums and cinemas. They say that, unaware of the spirit they are creating and building in me. The spirit to strive for excellence, a better future, and a life everybody wishes to have. Yes, I am unprivileged but I am working hard to change that label you have given me and created to pull me down.

I won’t put much blame on my parents because they thought they were going to give me a good life once I was on earth. They have failed to do that, but I want to give them the life they wanted to give me. That is one of the reasons God sent me to this world and why I wake up every day and go to school.

If you are also classified as ‘unprivileged’, don’t give up on now. The end is near. Everybody may be looking at you with nasty comments, and discouraging words but shame them, and prove them wrong. Show them that you may be unprivileged but that’s not your final destination. You will not be stuck under that label forever. Things will change in the future and you will see all of that when you look back.


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