There is magic in words. The magic in words can be found in different forms. Different forms being encouragement, motivation, coaching, mentoring, and/or providing valuable answers to the mysteries of the world we live in, just to name a few.

The magic of encouragement may happen as a result of a parent encouraging his or her child to do better academically. Magic can be found in words of motivation given to someone starting a business or building a career. It can be found again in the form of coaching someone to greatness. Words can be inspiring and uplifting. They provide answers to the mysteries of the world we live in. The answer could be verbal or in plain words i.e. in a form of a book, essay, article etc.

Words have played a crucial role in my life. When it comes to providing answers to things happening around me, besides getting answers from people I speak to, I could Google what I am interested in and get my answer in words. In 2017 I was interested in “How to build wealth”. I searched on Google and I discovered that it can be done though financial literacy.

Financial literacy is better explained in the book by Robert Kiyosaki called Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I took away three lessons about financial literacy from the book. Firstly, earn money. Earn money from working, while working save a portion of your money for investment. You can save as little as 10%. If you earn a R1000 you can save R100. If your salary is R8000 you could save R800. Robert emphasised that it is vital to learn from your 9-5 job cause those skills may come handy in the future. The skills that you can learn include leadership skills, management skills, financial skills etc.

Secondly, invest your money. Use the money that you have been saving to invest in real estate, shares, bonds etc. Always do your research before investing in anything to avoid losing your money to scammers. Lastly, keep your monthly bills at a minimum. Only buy what you need. Do not buy for the sake of spending, rather focus on buying things that you really need. Again do not find yourself making unnecessary debt because it can drive your monthly bills through the roof. Repeat these three lessons about money until your investment exceeds the money that you earn.

After reading Rich Dad Poor Dad I was inspired to read more, to discover more about financial literacy. As a result, my discovery led me to another discovery — it came in series like the famous Marvel sequel of The Avengers. The discoveries where like many pieces of a puzzle that make no sense when separated but make a vivid picture when put together. Making a picture of financial literacy.

From the lessons I learnt from Rich Dad, Poor Dad, I indeed saw that the magic of the world is hidden in words. Words of those who have experienced both failure and victory. Those who have learned the hard way to do the difficult things the easy way. They have been met with hardship and failure once or a couple of times and they have figured out how to reach greatness against all odds. They have learnt to master discipline, consistency and the winning mentality and then they decided to pen it down for everyone to read.

The most important thing is that they took their time to share their knowledge and experience with everybody. Nelson Mandela once quoted the saying “A pen is mightier than the sword.” I suppose he was referring to the power that can be transferred from pen to paper in the hands of a magical writer. So let us read more because there is magic in words.


Tell us: Do you think that words are magic? Why?