Early in the morning Mbalenhle woke to get ready for school. But as she got dressed she noticed something different; all of her aunt’s belongings were gone. Mbali continued getting ready for school and as she was on her way out she saw a note on the coffee table and went towards it. As she approached the table, there was a knock on the door.

“Knock, knock, Mbali open up girl or we will be late for school and you know how strict Musa the security is.”

It was Nono her best friend.

“It’s open. I’m just grabbing my bag and we are out of here nhe.”

“Hurry, you know that we got out first official late coming warning last week and I certainly don’t need another one just yet.”

“Yeah, I’m just looking for my science book.”

“Where last did you see it?”

“Never mind, I found it. Let’s go.”

They went to school. Along the way Nono said, “I’ve been holding myself for way too long now Mbali. What’s happening at your house?”

“What do you mean Nono?”

“I mean, where’s your aunt? She should have been in her room but she’s not.”

“What were you doing in my aunt’s room in the first place? You know you are not supposed to go in there.”

“Sorry Mbali, I never meant to make you angry but you know how I am. I am sorry.”

“It’s fine. I don’t know where my aunt is girl, but I think she went to a job interview.”

“Are you sure about what you are saying?”

“Of course I’m not sure, I woke up and she was not there.”

As Nono was about to talk, Mbali went to the tuckshop to buy some snacks.

As they got to school Mbali started to remember everything in the house. She remembered that all of her aunt’s belongings where gone and she remembered the note that was on the table. Why didn’t I read the note, at least I could have gotten an idea of what’s happening, she wondered to herself.

“Mbals, why are you standing there like you’ve got on the wrong train or taxi?”

“No, I’m just thinking. By the way Sive, when did you get here?”

“I got here when you were busy standing like a 5-year-old who lost her mom at a shopping mall.”

“OK, let’s go to Mr Ntsimbi’s class before he locks us out like the last time,” said Mbali.

As they got to the class, Mbali sat alone in the corner and thought about her aunt. Nono told the rest of the gang that Mbali’s aunt had left the house and Mbali was left alone. Thobile said that Mbali’s aunt was used to doing this, that she’d be back. Zinhle overheard them talking and went to Zenande to tell her what she had just heard from Nono and Thobile.

“Zenande, I just heard that Mbali’s aunt left her to live with a very rich accountant.”

“Are you serious?” said Zenande shocked.

“Yes and I heard she is no longer coming back.”

Zenande ran to the class to tell them what she heard. After class Mbali was the topic; everyone was talking about her.

“Hey Mbali, I heard that your aunt left you and she is never coming back.” Said Zweli, the boss of the most feared gang at school.

Ja uvayile for good,” said Mdava.

Mbali quickly ran home to read the note her aunt had left on the table. The note said:

Mbali, I am writing his note to tell you that I’ve left and I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. Your loving Aunt.

Mbali cried throughout the night, thinking how her aunt could do such a thing. Undishiyile, she left me.