The best days of my life so far were my childhood. Happiness was my hobby and lifestyle. I amused everyone despite age, gender or race.

I used to sing out loud, that even my mom would quit cooking to come and join me, forming a duet. We would sing on top of our voices happily as a family should. I used to play in rain all day long until my body ached. Then I’d cry to mom in the evening. She would be worried like a shepherd wanting to report a lost sheep to the boss. She would give me all such medications to try and make me feel better. Her heart rate would be exotic!

I used to draw such moving and story-telling pictures with other kid’s sharp pencil. But they never noticed, since their attention was drawn by my pictures. They were worth being in a museum for public viewing. I used to write soul-moving and adorable poems. My grade one teacher wouldn’t check her homework but to read every sentence of my poem. She used to hide her tears from us. But I could tell that she used to cry after reading my poems. How I wish I asked the reason that made her weep.

I used to write love letters to the girl I adored. She would look back at me and give me a luxurious smile. My heart would then sink on the blood full of love, before she could respond. She would then respond, just as I anticipated. My heart used to jump. Later we would share lunch and I used to kiss her on the cheek whilst no one was looking at us! The most beautiful lady I’ve known so far, Sindiswa Gumede.

I used to laugh until my stomach had knots. I was a young comedian! I made everyone happy, and so they did to me. I had never known what sadness was, until I grew up into adolescence. I used to swim with my friends at a dangerous dam. We never cared for its capability. No one could blame us, we were just mere kids! Well, I was unfortunate that I was not one of the brilliant students in my class but I used to get good marks.

I used to be a fighter. I fought for what was rightfully mine. Even if it meant I had to use my physical strength. I allowed no one to judge my fate. I was passionate and ambitious about life. I wanted to be a doctor by qualifications, not the doctor who performs surgery work.

I used to cook biryani for my mom. I always gave her a present on Women’s month and on Mother’s Day. For she is the reason I survive today, she gave me her kidney to live. I used to ask for money before going to school EVERY SINGLE DAY! That was abnormal, I know. But I had no choice. I couldn’t help it, when other children at school buy niceties.

I am now old enough. Yesterday I was born and now I’m about to face the real world. Oh how time flies when you have fun!