It’s a different year indeed, some people out there are losing their jobs while others are getting hired after years of unemployment. Some are in debt because of losing their jobs, some people are going to bed hungry, and others are busy using money like it’s nobody’s business.

Our kids are eager to return to school but as parents we don’t know what would be a good decision to take. All our unemployed graduate teachers are eager to get a job to change their backgrounds.

Some people were promised food parcels but they didn’t receive them, until now. DJs, artists and freelance actresses can’t get gigs during this pandemic.

The pandemic has destroyed many dreams and a lot of families will die of hunger. Gender-based violence is higher, since alcohol has been allowed to be sold again.

It’s even difficult for our own president to make decisions because people will start to complain but at the end of the day it’s not easy to be a president. I would like to pay a tribute to the families who have lost their loved ones because of the pandemic, and I would like to proclaim Jesus’s name upon those who are in their death beds because of the Coronavirus.

May God heal you. 2020 is a year of prayer, Jesus is coming.


Tell us: How has your 2020 has been so far?