Ding dong!

The doorbell rang. I heard the knock on the door and I had a feeling that it was just a bolt from the blue. It was a few months since I moved from Zeerust to Ganalaagte (Rakgwedi), others they call it Gland, and it was the time when I finally met the unknown.

I was attending the same class as the unknown, as we were both doing grade 9, but I was doing it for the second time. I liked the unknown to the extent that I developed feelings, accompanied by emotional attachment towards her. I normally told her how I felt about her, and she did not buy my story as emphasized a point that we were attending the same class.

I did not know whether it was God looking out for me or what because just after a few months, all the grade nine classes were rearranged and it happened that I was in the opposite class of my crush. That had been her only excuse about us not being together but then it was no longer reasonable. I didn’t know that the unknown had feelings for me.

“Taolo, I love you so much!” she explained.

We agreed on one thing, that we were going to be coupled. I had a very wonderful relationship with the unknown until she decided to cheat on me.

Even when I heard that she was having an affair, I did not believe it because I loved her so much. It came to a point that I witnessed her affair, which she had been calling gossip stories. The love that I had for her was true love because I forgave her from the bottom of my heart.

After a few months of our second chance at having a relationship I realized that the unknown was no longer to be trusted because I went to an initiative school and she decided to have an affair with my little brother while I was not around.

As I have a beautiful heart, I managed to forgive both of them. After a certain number of days there was another gossip that she was having an affair, and I did not believe that because I believed that she had learned from her previous mistakes. There was no way that she could have an affair after multiple chances. I was a bloody fool for not realizing that it was all true. I went to the bank to withdraw one hundred thousand so that I could move where I would not see the unknown or even feel her presence.

That developed into a nightmare because immediately after I got home, I left the money on top of the bed and went to the toilet. Unfortunately, the unknown got reach of the money before I could, and she disappeared immediately. That was the only money that I had, I was left with nothing just a broken heart.


Tell us: Do you think he should never have given “the unknown” another chance?