I started my journey at a place called, Hinda. I was surfing the big waves when I heard something. It sounded like it came from under the sea. I was not sure what it was but whatever, I kept on surfing, then I heard, “Never wake up.”
Yes, I was dreaming, but the sound was so real…
“Whatever,” I said to myself and started getting ready for school.

Now in school, I was tired, no I don’t want to sleep I just needed water. I thought I would not last for a second when I heard the same sound again, this time I thought that I was asleep but I wasn’t, the bell rang.
I was free but I heard the sound again, I started following it but when I came to the playground, it stopped. As I have seen it in movies, there is always something nearby the sound, I started searching, but found nothing.

It was Sunday and I was playing in the garden when heard the sound again.
“Did you hear that, too?” I asked my brother.
“No,” he said.
Now I was scared and just wanted to sleep. In my dream, I heard sounds from the nearby water. I looked in it and found that there was a…
My mother woke me up! I ran to the nearest water supplies and found that actually there was an insect that was making these sounds. What a dummy I was.


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