“Paul!” A voice bade me with a sense of urgency. It was crystal-clear, soft and friendly to my ear.

“Yes, Sir,” I answered promptly.

“I require to send you,” the voice said, “to a far place, North.”

The voice added, “There you will build me an empire.”

“I’m ready, Sir,” I replied without hesitation.

“Stick with this gravel route you see in front of you; you should keep on going towards the North. When you’ve reached your destiny I will let you know.”

There was no need to ask questions and to ask for directions. The path was obvious and seen extremely well with my eyes; it snaked nicely in front of me. My mind clearly understood the assignment I had to perform and its importance. I didn’t want to be called up again before commencing with the journey. Right away, I journeyed towards the North. Maybe if I could hear the voice again it’d be better. I refused to panic and hesitate. I hit the road.

I walked on foot, “I know this journey isn’t going to be easy,” I reminded myself. I was cognizant of the challenges awaiting me on the way. Forthwith I was already on the path when a great exhaustion invaded me. I gradually became hopeless, wondering if I’d end up accomplishing my mission. In a great despair, I turned around, looking backwards to where I came from. On the spur of the moment, I heard the sound of roaring motorcycles approaching towards my direction but from a distance.

In a split second, a group of about ten motorcyclists were now visible at a stone-throw range, hurriedly heading to me. Then I could sense that I was in for the high jump. I wanted to do something to dodge them because I was scared to death. I became terrified because they were heavily armed with big rifles. Finally, I shifted the idea of escaping. I can’t go faster than the motorbike, I thought. And so I decided to capitulate.

Nevertheless, before these motorcyclists were so close up, another motorcycle that was ridden by a man who was a stranger came out of nowhere with a breakneck speed. In a flash, I saw myself mounted on top of this motorcycle, wrapping the strange man at the waist with both arms. Then we miraculously sped away.

When this group of motorcyclists coming realized we were now flying from them, they tried to gun down the two of us. Nonetheless, they missed the target. We managed to melt into thin air unhurt. Then we both took in a sigh of relief. We were no more in peril.

When my “Saviour” saw that my life was no more exposed to menace, he drew me off the motorbike and disappeared.

In front of me a steep sloppy route on the hill lay. I hurriedly hiked it; if the group of motorcyclists was following me, they wouldn’t find me. Luckily, I managed to get to the top without encountering anyone on the way.

As I reached the top of the hill, I was at ease. I could feel there were no major problems for me. But the journey was still proceeding. I passed people on the way working in their fields. I asked them if I was still on the right track to the North, and they nodded. I kept on going until the road was somewhat sloppy. From here I started seeing houses beside the road, particularly on my right. It was obvious to me that this was a modest village.

I could sense the serenity that was prevailing in this tiny village from the faces of its inhabitants. I could feel the freedom I was beginning to experience and the offloading of my burdens. I was free from fright; I was free from hardships. I was beginning to be at peace.

I was now walking like a king on a flat tarred road. As I placed my eyes a short distance in front of me. I was taken aback, overwhelmed by the beautiful city that I witnessed. It was as if I was watching Canaan, the promise land, from a distance.

At that place were many white buildings, lining up nicely like big retail stores beside the macadamized road as I entered the city. And so I started marvelling at this breath-taking beauty I had never seen before. I began to weep profusely, wondering why the Almighty was so merciful and gracious upon me, the imperfect.

While I was in the wonderland, I heard the same first voice calling me again with authority. “Paul, this is the empire I want you to build for me.” I didn’t respond; instead, I broke into tears. I was crying tears of joy. I saw how special I was in the eyes of the Lord. I felt like the chosen one. Then swiftly I heard a very melodious song, humming in my ears. I started singing it beautifully as well, still lost in His wonders. In the middle of the song, I woke up to realize that I had simply been dreaming. Nevertheless, under the covers, I couldn’t hold back my tears oozing for real. What was the meaning of the strange dream?

Tell us: What was this strange dream about?