I had constantly seen people getting cars and precious jewellery as presents on their 21st birthday. I so longed for mine to arrive so I would get something special too, but my mommy repeatedly told me to look at my home. She told me how poor we were and how my 21st will be an ordinary day. She even told me we would go to bed with empty stomachs.

One day at school, my friends explained how excited they were that they were turning 21, and they
could not wait for the gifts they would receive. I remained there with my eyes glowing, full of
glass. I did not blink because I knew I would have tear drops. I had to do something so I changed the

That evening night at home, I had a fight with my mother. I told her she must come up with a plan.
She broke down and held me tight, she whispered into my ears and said “God will make a way” I
became so upset, stomped out and rushed to my shack. I burst out in tears, I could not hold myself
anymore and I questioned God‘s existence.

That whole month I attended no classes. I bunked school to chill with the junkies in my hood. They
advised me how fun the world was when you were high on pills. I got tempted and tried them out. I
realized being high was nice; you do not have to worry about everything. I enjoyed the feeling, and I
smoked regularly.

Day in and out, every evening I would get high. My mom kept preaching. She reprimanded me. She
told me how I was wasting my life on drugs, but mostly she prayed for me every night. I did not care
if she was hurting or crying. I was so fixed on my feelings.

A week before my 21st birthday, I was so upset and hurt that I would get nothing, I overdosed on
drugs. I could not feel my legs when I walked. I lost my eyesight. Peep! Peep! Peep! I heard the car
coming but I could not move. I remember waking up in ICU on my birthday.

As I opened my eyes, I saw my mom holding a Bible and praying for me. She gave Thanksgiving,
turned her face and looked at me. She held my hand and gave me the Bible. She put a smile on her
face and said “I don‘t have much, this bible is all I offer. Happy birthday”

I ran out of words and cried. If she did not pray for me, I would be dead by now. I still use that Bible
today. I realized that a precious gift a parent can give her child is God.