Peer pressure means when people your age want you to do the same things they do, so that you will fit in.

For us to deal with negative peer pressure, we need to take charge and be assertive. This means that you are confident in making decisions. Before making decisions, you should stop and think. Ask yourself some questions:

Do I feel good about this?
Could I get in trouble?
Will I break the law?
Will I be safe?

Our friends can have a powerful influence on us. Everyone likes to fit in with the crowd, but sometimes the influence can have negative effects. Where do we find help to deal with such things?

If you feel that peer pressure is a problem, you need to talk to: your parents, a teacher you trust, a counsellor or perhaps see a psychologist if peer pressure is a very intense problem in your life.

Let us all try to deal with peer pressure as it leads to actions such as committing crimes, bullying and rebellious behaviour.


Tell us: Have you ever been peer pressured?