The proverb, the pen is mightier than the sword, means that the writers of the world invisibly exercise greater influence upon people than soldiers. The proverb acknowledges that we often think violence is a source of strength. But, this proverb states, it is actually the art of writing that is stronger. Words are more meaningful than violence.

The proverb celebrates the power of writing. It highlights the fact that, writers are more powerful than mighty warriors.

Warriors fight with swords and win battles. The power of the sword has killed many South Africans. Strikes, boycotts and violence took the lives of South Africans in many generations. The likes of Hector Peterson, Tsietsi Mashinini, Solomon Mahlangu and others who lost their lives because of violence.

It is a fact that fighting leads to destruction. Fighting, of course, is done sometimes with a good end in view. The sword has been used sometimes to remove evil and bring about good. Fought to abolish slavery, an evil system, which ruled over America and many other countries.

The use of the sword for an aggressive purpose is a great crime. However, for a good purpose, it may be good to a degree. However, the pen far surpasses it in its power of doing good to all human beings.

Warriors use swords and writers use pens as their weapons. Swords cause pain and misery. On the other hand, pens are the source of joy, justice and happiness.

Writers influence men more than the fear of the sword can. Great writers create immortal literature. The works of Shakespeare are read and admired by several generations. It is a fact that men are more guided by ideas than by physical force. The mighty pens of Mr Anela Myalatya who taught his learners that if something needs a weapon, give it words, and others ushered in the independence of our country by creating a passion for freedom. The teachings of Mahatma Gandhi made India free without the sword.

It is evident that the power of the sword is confined to a particular time and place. However, the power of the pen is universal and immortal. Take a look at a dictionary, which is just a single simple book but more than 60 thousand words are found in it. In contrast, now let’s look at the sword, just a single simple weapon representing one word, a sword. Writing is more superior than shouting.


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