I hope wherever you are, you are reading as I am typing. Dad, I was really shocked and deeply hurt when my granny told me that you passed on. I did not know what to do, I still do not know what to do. I was planning to come and talk to you today and tell you how deeply sorry I am for not being the child you wanted me to be. But it was too late.

I remember everything that we went through and I will never forget it. I remember one day when I broke a plate and you gave me a hiding. I remember when you first washed my hair. I remember those night kisses and those morning hugs before I go to school. I remember the way you yelled at me when I forgot to unlock the car before I opened it and the alarm went off. I remember you bringing us food and cold drink when we were starving. I remember seeing you every morning before I went to school and every day after school.

I am thinking about you and the days we used to share and it drives me crazy. It is really killing me. I will never forget how you used to fight all my battles whether I did right or wrong. You didn’t want to know what had happened. You were over protective.

You always wanted the best for me. You did everything I ever wanted. I was heartbroken when I saw you sick. I remained short-tempered but at least you knew that’s how I am. I am truly disappointed in myself for not spending time with you. Why did you leave me, why couldn’t you just stay? My world is nothing without you.

I still cannot accept that I will never hear your voice again. I don’t know what to do with myself. I wish for your touch. You’re gone and I’m lost without you, but I know I’ve got to live and make it somehow. The only thing I’m left with is a photo of you and memories of us; the good and bad stuff.

Dad I love you like a father who loves their children. It’s hard to say goodbye. I can’t believe that I will never hold you near. I don’t know what to say because I know this is not goodbye. I believe you’re with me now and forever will be. You’re my angel.

I wish God gave you a second chance just for me to talk to you once again. I can’t stop crying but because you never wanted to see me cry I’ll wipe my tears. You would rather give up your life than see tears in my eyes.

I wish you could come back to me and I hope you can hear me.


Your daughter, Tina.


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