Dear my rapist. Did you know forcing yourself on me was not good at all? Did you know that you hurt me like you rubbed salt to the wound? Did you know how I felt when you touched me with your dirty hands? Did you notice my tears when they were rolling down as you grabbed my underwear? Did you hear my voice when I asked you ‘please don’t’ and you just got angry?

You never took time to listen to me but all you wanted was to fulfil your lust. You didn’t care how much pain I felt and hurt about your actions! You don’t know how hard it was when I had to report the rape and assault case to the police, tears rolled down my cheeks. I even had a big ‘love’ bite on the neck. I went to the doctor and I felt tears filling my eyes.

Do you know that it’s been thirteen years since then but it’s still difficult to even watch a TV drama? The incident still comes back as if it was yesterday when there is a rape scene on TV.


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