After my mother passed-away she left me with nothing and life was challenging. Later, I tried to get myself something to remind me of her. Then I started to look for something that will keep her alive and even on my mind. I tried to look for clothes, but I didn’t get anything and I was disappointed for a long time. The bad thing was that I was born alone so there was no way to wear her clothes, so I gave them to her sisters as they did really love her.

After few years when I had already given up, I was doing spring cleaning in the house as there was no one staying there. Then I saw this small bag which was inside the wardrobe with some bags and it caught my eye and I fell in love with it. Its’ a pity that it’s made for a woman, but I kept it for myself and was wondering what I was going to use it for.

I stayed for a few days then I was invited to a business meeting. I went there with it and everyone I met that day said, “Wow, this bag is so beautiful and is been a while since we have seen such a bag”. It made me so happy and I felt that my mom was with me in spirit. She loved me so much more than any person in this world. Another time I met someone who made me an offer for it, but I refused and told her that this one is part of my heart and spirit.

From that day, I started to believe my moms’ spirit is with me and it is keeping me strong. I have a love for my mother, because I was her only child and she wanted me to have a better life. It was so painful and it was when I was about to complete my university that she passed-on and I had no one to lean on. She’s my heroine even today.

So I will keep this bag for the rest of my life and I am willing to pass it on to the next generation. They will know that she existed in this world, because of the last piece I have of her. This is why this is a special object in my life.