The unsustainable fishing happening now and again has reduced our population as fish. It’s painful that no one ever pays attention to us and realise that we as the smaller fish sustain the bigger ones. How are we supposed to recover if you don’t give us the chance to do so?

Overfishing has reduced our population of sharks by 90% and sooner than later there would no longer be sharks in this world. Would you prefer to see us only on televisions while knowing that you had a chance to do something and ignored it?

There’s nothing more painful like seeing those humpback whales coming from the tropics to get their first meal after some months only to realise that there’s nothing more than the ocean sand and blue water. This is the result of overfishing.

How are we supposed to balance our community if you keep on disturbing us? Although it might be seen like those sharks and other predators are destroying our community that’s not the case. That’s how we help maintain life in the sea.

Just imagine those sea birds in the world’s driest desert, Atacama, giving birds to younger ones only to realise that there are no fish to feed themselves and their younger ones. What would they say or do they have no say? Inside they are probably saying, “Let our voices be heard.”

Although we may be turning a blind eye to this, these small fish are very abundant. They sustain our planet, just imagine what happens after overfishing. Those sheep head wrasses, Peruvian boobies, sharks, and sea birds would suffer all searching for the same thing. No matter how hard they try to work in teams. As long as we fold our arms there’s no turning back. Once the damage is done, it’s done.

Being affected by climate change is enough but when there’s a human hand involved it makes things worse. We lose our source of food and shelter with nowhere to go. Sometimes we feel like you are taking advantage of it. We know that you are following on your grandparent’s footsteps as we used to be their food. It’s not your fault too but all we are asking for is to let us recover.

If only you could just let us recover I do believe that we can be multiplied and sustain 25 million sea birds more than before. You will also catch more fish for less effort. Let us sustain what we have for our future generations.


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