Before any individual can practice their human rights, there is one
most vital right of all: THE RIGHT TO LIFE.

We are all born free and equal, and no one has the right to take
another person’s life. Whether you are lying in a hospital bed with a
dead brain or when doctors see no hope whatsoever, they have no right
to end your life. We are all entitled to live up to the age God has set
for us. Life is a precious and sacred thing which should be treated
with honour and respect.

When you live, you are practicing your natural human right, and when you
live in harmony and without hurting anyone, you are considered to be a
responsible human being.

The right to life is the first right we have before any other
right because we are born with it, and it has no exception. Therefore, it
applies to each and every one of us, whether young or old, black or white,
and it does not take any favours.