I grew up without a father.

I always wondered why it had to be me. I was a sweet, polite, and gentle child when I was growing up. So I never understood why he left me.

I was living with my mom and my half-brother in a two roomed house. Life was good back then, but things changed when I realised there was something missing in my life; fatherly love.

I started asking my mom about him.

Why were they not living together like other families? But she kept quiet and said nothing. Time went by and suddenly there was a father figure in our home. But he obviously was not my real father. He was my mom’s boyfriend.

I was not happy having him around. But I had to accept him as he was the one who was providing food for us since my mom was unemployed.

One night I woke up from sleep and heard a sound. There were two beds in the bedroom, mine and my mom’s. So I thought I would check things around and make sure she was fine.

I saw something like an elephant on my mom’s bed. And this thing kept moving up and down. And suddenly there was a funny sound coming from there. I stood there surprised and I cried myself to sleep that night.

I didn’t know why I was crying but I had the feeling that something bad had happened. I was too young to know or understand but I knew I didn’t like it. The event that happened that night kept appearing in my mind but I wouldn’t dare ask my mom about it.

I struggled to forget that night even after five years. It kept happening when my mom got new a boyfriend.

It was when I was a teenager in matric that I knew what the elephant in my mother’s bed was.

The End

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