Who am I?
Do I have a purpose?
I’m in search of finding me. In hope of salvation.

The path seemed like a piece of cake, with the plan drafted and the ambition for attainment.
But seemingly I am losing me, for I am alone with questions and have no one to assist me in figuring out the answers, instead it all relies on me.

No one said it would be plain sailing nor so compressing. For now l have evolved and need to be compelled to pave a way for my future children so our legacy is everlasting.

My task is self-examination.
Introspection to discover myself. Thus, once I am found then the path shall be better. For everyone has their own to heart, but I don’t know mine.
How will I travel with them,
or ask for reassurance or rescue?
For they might be as lost as me or in search of their own.

Though there is no passageway. I will eventually conquer it. Because there is no wrong path to me nor failure.
It is said to be wrong, to me it’s the right one… it’s a venture to my destination. for easy to me is unlikely and challenges make me stronger.
Besides failure doesn’t exist to me, it just delays what I will achieve.

Thus I am who I face every day and I overthrow all obstacles.