I knew you were trouble from the first time I saw you. You had that look in your eyes that suggested there was more to you than met my eye. I don’t know why but your silence grabbed my attention. You didn’t know this but I could read your body language so I saw you coming from a mile away. I knew what you wanted but I couldn’t be sure of your intentions.

Your face had expressions that I had seen before; ones that would have made me run a mile from you. But for some reason I felt myself being pulled in closer and closer. The words you spoke had not amazed me, for some reason I knew it was what you were going to say. I tried to resist you but for some reason I just couldn’t do it.

Too many questions swirl around in my head. Questions that I wouldn’t dare let anyone know I had. I wanted to stay away but just couldn’t do it because the sound of your voice evokes a response in me, good or bad I’ll never know. I know I don’t want to have any regrets, so if my head is too fuzzy to make a decision I’ll just close my eyes and take a leap of faith. Maybe just maybe, you’ll be there to catch me.