I walked, walking away from him, but he kept following me. He called out my name and said he would not hurt me he just wanted to ask me something. I stopped, pulled out my phone and punched the police station’s number. He grabbed me by my school tie, and asked

“What are doing? Are you spying on us?” he barked at me.

He punched me hard on the face and I felt like my world had stopped. I woke up from the ground feeling dizzy. My phone was now in his hands, so the only option I had was to run and save my life from a monster. But he was faster than me. I took a few fast steps and I was down; suppressed by his big boots and gun.

Onlookers had already gathered around, watching us. I tried to scream for help but no one bothered to step in and help me out. So I decided to fight him back.

I bit his le. And while he was in pain, I quickly stood up with sand in my hands and threw it on his eyes. And then he dropped his gun.

As he was distracted, I quickly picked up the gun and pointed it at him. I was nervous, shaking, but I was brave enough not to lose control of the gun.

“If you move, I will shoot you!” I screamed and told him, so he stood there motionless. I then asked one of the onlookers to call the police.

In no time! Detective Shangase and Officer Nene arrived. Detective Shangase looked pleased with my actions. He said they had been looking for Scruffy for so long.

They rounded up Scruffy’s gang and threw them in the van. Officer Nene got Scruffy in into the back of the van also. Detective Shangase shook my hand and said I should consider becoming a detective myself. He then got in the car with officer Nene and drove away.

I watched as the police drove away with Scruffy and his gang. I was still in shock but you could see happiness in my glittering eyes.

I felt safe as I walked home!