Sometimes, you do realise that the only reason why you exist in other people’s pockets is not because you are being true to them but because of the money that you have. If you try to change your colours like a chameleon to resemble the colours of their pockets, that is when they kick you out of their pockets. They start seeing you as dust and wash you with soap off their dirty hands. And if you just try to vomit some a little money from your mouth that is when you are going to be their friend.

Such are the type of friends who appear in your life when your sun is shining. Remember, as you live here on earth, try your best to always know who you are flocking with. Not all your friends are there in your life because of who you are. Most of them only exist in your life because your life is beneficial to them. Pick your friends wisely. Don’t just pick anyone to be your friends, others are just going to be in your life just to milk you.