I am Tanyarwadza and my boyfriend is Tichaona. We cut our names to be short and I became Tanya and my boyfriend became Tichz. We wanted it to be romantic between the two of us. People began to call us by the nicknames we gave ourselves. I am a tall girl with straight long hair. My skin is more like tan with pimples on my face. I am an adventurous person, loving, sincere and cheerful.

People say I am talkative but Tichz is the talkative one. Tichz has a well-built body and taller than me but he’s skinny. Tichz is always optimistic of his dreams and he is determined to make a success of his life. I met Tichz at college, we were both studying IT. He wanted to be a Software Designer and I wanted to be a Programmer. We have always been together. We fell in love when we realised we could not be without one another.

My cousin Tinashe hates Tichz so much, he doesn’t like me praising Tichz or making plans with him.

“Tanya, you will meet someone better than Tichz,” Tinashe would say with intense dislike.

“Why do you care so much?” I would ask. Tinashe had just looked at me with amazement, as if I was a naïve little girl and he was a wise man in the field of love and life.

“Do you see a future with him?” he had asked.

I could feel my temper start to rise within me. I walked away instead, afraid to say anything I might regret. I always ignored Tinashe; he never failed to express how he felt about my relationship with Tichz. But in the neighbourhood no one could deny that we were the best looking couple, not even Tinashe could deny that fact.

My friends admired our relationship; they were convinced that we would get married soon. I hadn’t spoken to Tichz about marriage but we spoke about our future. One night the two of us were scheduled to have dinner. I was excited as if it was the very first date we’d been on. Something about this date felt like it would be special. He notified me that they’d be a surprise.

“Please tell me what it’s about Babe, I am curious,” I begged, staring into his eyes like a hungry kitten.
“Relax Babe, you will find out soon.” He said smiling and then gave me the warmest hug. I felt secure. He then kissed my forehead, he always did that. I felt like a little child when he did that.

“Ah, Tichz, I am not a baby.” I complained. While I was still busy complaining, his lips made their way to mine. I loved him deeply. Every part of him – I wanted. I am obliged to stay faithful to him but I have to admit, in the beginning I was first doubtful of his honesty. I thought it was a fake.

That night I wore a sexy navy blue dress for the occasion, it had a slit that showed off my left leg. I felt sexy. Curiosity was getting to me I could not wait to find out what Tichz was planning, what was this big surprise all about? I wore my make-up and my sisters adored it.

“Tanya, you look so beautiful, Tichz is gonna be head over heels,” my younger sister Masi said with adoration. I smiled. Then I heard a hoot outside and my heart started racing. I knew it was Tichz. Masi opened the door for me to go but Tinashe pulled my hand.

“Be careful cuz, one day… eish, you mark my words,” he whispered and I pulled my hand away and walked out.
I heard Busi say, “Tinashe, you are just jealous. Why don’t you find yourself someone to love too?”

It impressed me knowing my sisters supported me. As a matter of fact everyone supported us. I saw Tichz wearing a suit that made him look even more handsome, yet it was weird seeing him in it. I had never seen him in suits, only jeans and tees. He opened the door for me like a true gentleman. Firstly he greeted me with a big hug and kissed me right there, not the normal kiss but a deep passionate kiss that melted me inside.

“You look beautiful, my baby,” he said.

“Thank you Babe,” I said with a huge smile on my face as I climbed in the car.

We drove to the sounds of Mariah Carey’s ‘We Belong Together’; the atmosphere set in the car already. This was our favourite song. When we arrived, he opened the car door for me, I felt like royalty. We arrived at a hotel called Rainbow Towers, it looked fancy and stunning. I had never set foot in a hotel. I was used to cheap outings. He held my hand and we walked inside together. To my surprise there were a lot of people including my friends and they all stared at us.

I looked around and saw a huge banner with the words written: WILL YOU MARRY ME TANYA?

I was speechless. I stood dead still and then stared at Tichz only to find him already bended on one knee. The astonishment kept me dumbstruck. Tichz took hold of my hand while he was kneeling and then reached for his pocket and pulled out a small box. He opened it and a diamond ring was shining inside.

“Tanya, we have been together for quite some time now and baby I love you and I want you in my life for always. Tanya, baby, would you make me the happiest man in the world?” he asked softly, his eyes sparkling. It took my breath away.

Everyone was staring at us, waiting for me to answer. I looked at everyone and looked at Tichz. It was all I wanted but why couldn’t I open my mouth and speak? I then heard a voice in my head say, “Go ahead girl, this has always been your dream, say yes!” I looked at my love and excitedly the words came bursting out: “Yes! Yes! Yes! I will marry you.” He took hold of my hand and the diamond ring fit my finger perfectly.

Everyone was cheering and screaming. He stood and embraced me with a kiss. At that moment music began to play. Tichz had thought of everything. The evening was blissful we all danced and had enough to eat.

Today we are married with twins, a boy and a girl. Our love is unstoppable. We are still known as the powerful couple in our neighbourhood. Tinashe could not break us up even when he kept pursuing; he ended up never getting married. He broke women’s hearts by only having babies with them and not getting married. The one who seemingly knew so much about love, turned out to know absolutely nothing.


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