As we live here on earth, I do believe that you set different goals in your life that you want to achieve in months or years to come. You would either want to finish your education by graduating from college or university with flying colours so as to get your dream job, or you would even want to find a great man or woman whom you will spend the rest of your life with so as to know and understand the real definition of the term “family.”

There is no person who lives here on earth without any planned goals in life. Even those who are in prison have a goal of being released from the prison and transform their lives to be better people. So everybody here on earth has something running through their minds about accomplishments.

As one tries to achieve the planned goals, a lot of things happen to him or her that also want to ruin the goals. Such challenges are faced by everyone here on earth because there is no sweet without any sweat. So for one to achieve something else in life, one has to work.

There are those people whom we call friends, the ones who we do perceive are being the most trusted people in our life, those with whom we share everything that is happening in our lives and even what we want to achieve. Those people who know all our secrets and even planned goals in life. However, not every one of the people that we consider friends actually wants what’s best for us. Many are jealous and want to bring us down.

These are considered fake friends, since they tend to act real in front of us while planting a bomb behind our backs so that it should explode and ruin our lives for good and make them feel happy.

They feel angry at God’s blessings on us and secretly plan our downfall, because they either want what we have or are devils in disguise. They promise to help you face your problems, but vanish when it comes to putting actions to words. They want to you chase after them, begging for help whilst they watch you drown, hoping you’ll fail.

When you are working towards your goal in life such as disseminating wisdom through music, there is always going to be those people who have a Bachelors’ degree in Criticism Studies of which they earned through their own ignorance, using you as their case-study.

Instead of appreciating the great job you are doing to help people living in your society, they would always want to bring you down by talking bad things about you and your music. They would say that you don’t know how to sing or rap and that you should stop wasting your time. Don’t let others determine your worth. Aim high and live your life!