Vangwe was a well-known Inceku (man of God). He was loved by most people and he loved them too. No one knew his weaknesses. People were amazed about this man of God who never fell.

One Monday Vangwe discovered that he was too young for the life he was living. In his heart he had become a fallen angel. What was hard was that he had fallen in his heart and he was afraid to show that he had fallen, for he would be laughed at.

He started dating, of which the rule for saved people said no dating.

What have I got myself in? What was I thinking? Some noticed that there was something missing, they even said uwile (he had fallen).

Vangwe was tempted by a tall, beautiful, and kind worshiper in his church, One day he approached this girl Nozipho. Nozipho was disappointed because he trusted Vangwe and she looked up to him.

“I tried to hide what I feel deep down inside, but love, love made me. I hate to say what I am saying, I didn’t fall for you but my heart did,” Vangwe said.

Nozipho replied very disappointed. “What you are saying right now doesn’t suit you, you are not what I thought you were.”

Vangwe replied again, “I see that you are disappointed and you should be, I don’t blame you. Why don’t we go into my house and pray about this?”

Nozipho agreed to go to Vangwe’s place.

They got to Vangwe’s house and Vangwe offered the lady something to drink. They talked for a few minutes, then Nozipho felt weak. What was in the drink? This guy had really fallen. Vangwe drugged the lady and his guilty conscience started. He started hearing a voice of everything he said, everything he preached about.

All of that was nothing to him at that moment, he carried Nozipho to his bedroom. There was a knock on the door.

Who is at the door?

“This is incredulous, Sipho is not here,” Vangwe didn’t pay attention to the knock. It was his neighbour.

After he rapped Nozipho he thought of killing her but before he could Nozipho woke up with a headache and a tied body. She staggered all the way to the kitchen while Vangwe was busy preparing a meal.

Nozipho said with a tired voice, “What did you do to me?”

Vangwe replied whistling, “Nothing sisi, sit down, I will give you something to eat.” He gave her food.

Vangwe was now a bit regretful and confused. After a long pause Nozipho said, with her voice getting better, “Vangwe, I know you rapped me and I will not go to the police, I forgive you.”

A few days later Nozipho discovered that she was pregnant, and for sure it was Vangwe’s child. She told Vangwe and Vangwe didn’t deny anything because he knew he would be in jail if it was not for Nozipho. They all decided to repent and never forget that there temptation in the world.

Vangwe learnt that the devil was powerful, only if you let him.


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