I was 13 years old when I knew that I am gay. It was hard for me to accept myself and I was also scared to be gay because I didn’t know what my family would do to me the moment they find out.

It took me 5 years to accept myself and to be strong enough to tell my parents. I was forced to come out to my parents because I was starting to date guys. What I was glad about is that my parents told me that they already knew that I was gay, but they wanted me to tell them myself. They were also happy because I finally opened up to them. I’m strong enough to tell people that I’m gay and I live openly.

After a few day being open about my gayness my life became a little complicated. People in my community started to insult me and judge me but my parents were there for me.

Time came for me to join the LGBTI group and that helped me to live a wonderful life. They were helping me to be strong enough to stand the insults of the community. After two years I was starting to date again because I had stopped dating because of fear. I finally found someone I loved and who loved me back. We got married and are now living happily with warm love from my parents and some people in the community.


Tell us: Have you ever experienced discrimination because of your sexuality? How did you handle it?